Confusion of the Day: Young Boy Has Never See a Pay Phone Before

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But how do you Instagram with it?

Pay phones aren’t extinct quite yet, but this boy has apparently never seen one.

His mom recorded his reaction to the strange contraption, which appears to completely baffle him.

He studies it carefully and asks: “Is this an old fashioned phone?”

Meanwhile the mom must be unfamiliar with mobile technology, considering she recorded the whole thing as a vertical video.

Warning of the Day: Boston Mayor Tells People to Stop the Boston Blizzard Challenge

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Meanwhile in Boston… the mayor wants residents to stop jumping out windows.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Mayor Martin J. Walsh issued a warning to anyone participating in a viral video trend where they record themselves diving into piles of snow.

People have been posting the clips online to YouTube and Vine with the hashtag#BostonBlizzardChallenge.

“I’m asking people to stop their nonsense right now. These are adults jumping out windows,” he said. “This isn’t a Loon Mountain, this is the city of Boston.”

Actual Loon Mountain in New Hampshire also got wind of the Mayor’s comments, and they say they don’t want any of these shenanigans either. They spoke with one of the jumpers about it in a new video.

WTF of the Day: Kid Goes on Rampage in Dollar Store

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It's like "Supermarket Sweep," but where you just run through the aisles knocking everything down, and no one wins.

This kid was caught on video casually tearing apart a dollar store, pushing over displays and tossing products to the floor.

Why? Maybe the "Evil Stick" told him to do it.

This Weekend's #twitterpurge is More Proof That We Can't Have Nice Things. Ever.

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Picture above via Urban Dictionary.

This weekend saw a disturbing hashtag trend made in promotion of the newest movie in "The Purge" franchise (you know, the movie that sets its premise on the idea that people would turn into violent Freudian monsters if crime was legal for a day rather than just like... deal with their problems like adults). The idea was to promote users to go wild and free on the social media network for a day, which inevitably led to jerks exposing graphically violent content - or even worse, nude photos of (often underage) ex-girlfriends.

This led some to parody the whole event outright:

Meanwhile, others got right to the heart of the matter:

Maybe instead we should have just purged social media from our system entirely?

Fad of the Day: Brooklyn Hipsters Are Feeding a New Facial Hair Transplant Craze

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It's impossible to type while shaking your head as hard as I am right now. Take it away, Serena Solomon of DNAinfo:

Whether they're filling in a few gaps or doing a complete beard construction, New York City doctors who specialize in the procedure said they're seeing a growing number of men paying as much as $7,000 to pump up their beards...

Epstein said he started out doing just a handful of beard transplants each year a decade ago — but is now averaging about three beard implants a week through his offices in Midtown East and Miami.

Dr. Yael Halaas, another plastic surgeon who specializes in facial hair transplants, said an increasing number of "hip" and "fashionable" young professionals in their 20s and 30s are seeking the procedure.

Preschool Political War of the Day

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Watch as playtime turns into a vicious Romney vs. Obama faceoff.

"I had no idea they had ever heard of Romney or Obama!" says mom Sara. "Didn't know they were learning about politics in preschool!"

[thanks, peter!]

Kids These Days of the Day

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This kindergartner in fairy wings goes by Murp.

Her YouTube channel features all manner of rager tracks, backed by her big brother on drums.

Lest we forget, children are the future.