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woman on twitter turns refrigerator water dispenser into wine dispenser
Via: @iliketweet
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While most people in their 20s want credit for acting even remotely like adults, one woman has gone above and beyond what’s asked of someone being a grown up.

After ordering a new refrigerator, Clare decided to risk life and water filter by turning her fridge into a wine dispenser. All it took was a bottle of wine and the cold water filter in her fridge. Simply tilt the bottle into the water dispenser and out comes wine. Life hacks made easy.

It takes a proud adult to risk ruining a brand-new fridge with a move like this, so we commend you, Clare. However, perhaps sensing the immense power at their finger tips, Clare and her boyfriend switched the filter back to water. They told Buzzfeed that their fridge and filter is fine, but what about the copycats? What of the poor filters that will be inevitably be ruined due to the sugary content of wine. Those tubes are going to be sticky for generations.

via Broadway World

Via: Household Hacker
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Straws are more useful than you think, and this video proves it. Did you know that straws can used for much more than drinking, like for sealing a chip bag without a clip? Well, did you know that, Cliff? Or were you gonna just let this bag of Tostitos go stale? 

Sorry. This dude, Cliff, has been living on my couch for weeks and is not helping out around the house. It’s hard to not think about it.

Ok. Moving on. This video from HouseholdHacker does a great job showing you all the great uses for drinking straws, like it can help make a single serving honey dispenser for tea or a soda tap for your bar. Not that I would know. Cliff drank all my La Croix and didn’t replace it, like he said he would, so we can’t try this out. 

via 5secondfilms

Again, sorry. He’s just really annoying. He doesn’t even pay rent, but we grew up together, so you know.

Anyway, straws. The video also shows a really fun trick for kids at parties. If you tie a bunch of straws together and dip them in dish detergent, you’ve got a makeshift bubble gun. You know what else dish detergent can be used for, Cliff? Doing dishes. That mac and cheese isn’t going to clean itself.

Ugh. This is getting in the way of work. Look, I don’t care if we used to read Encyclopedia Brown together, it’s time I get this guy out of my house. But first, I’m going to watch some more Straw Hacks, and you should too.

Check out the video.

via 5secondfilms

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If you listen to Steve, that guy who stands at the end of my block holding a sign that reads “The End of Nigh,” then the end is nigh. Steve’s foresight that the world might be coming to an end should launch you into action, perhaps learning some important survival skills on how to survive the apocalypse. Sure, it’s important to know how to skin a deer with a paper clip, but also important, learning how to open a can of food with a spoon because the irony of having 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife is no longer going to scare us.

via Nicole Wolverton

Or are we?

Luckily for you and Steve, a YouTuber is here to help. Popular Life Hacker Dave Hax, who should rebrand to "Life Hax" immediately and has taught us how to make a chocolate Coca Cola bottle and "magnetic slime," has the solution we've been looking for. In this video, Hax teaches you how to open those pesky Campbell's chunky soup cans with a spoon. Use this information well. When the mysterious race of cloaked mutants has taken the world’s supply of can openers, this video could save your life. 

Be ready. Stay alive. Stock spoons.

Via: Mark Rober
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There's more than one way to skin a watermelon.

And YouTuber Mark Rober certainly understands this. After all, he did teach the Internet last year how to make a watermelon smoothie with a coat hanger and a drill.

He's back now with a new watermelon trick. While this one may not be as useful as the smoothie, it can still make you the coolest person at that final summer BBQ.

It's pretty simple, too.

1. Just skin a watermelon.

2. Rub it down with a (new) scrubby sponge.

3. Hollow out ANOTHER watermelon.

4. And slide that first watermelon into the skin of the second.

There you go! You are the proud owner of a very strange looking watermelon creation.

Via: IJR
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We could all use more “Florida Man” with his crazy antics in our lives, and fortunately we have two of them running for president.

Marco Rubio has officially declared his candidacy, and Jeb Bush is expected to officially throw his hat in the ring soon, even though he sort of already let it slip a few weeks ago.

And so the Independent Journal Review took the next logical step and developed a new Chrome extension which replaces any instance of their names with “Florida Man.”

For example:

More importantly, it will also randomly swap all references to “Florida Man” with one of the two candidates, creating some amazing headlines like this one:

No that didn’t actually happen to Rubio. but it certainly makes reading about the already crowded Republican race much more entertaining.

Once you download and enable the program, head on over to Florida Man’s Twitter account for endless fun.

Well done, IJR, well done.