Multilinguist of the Day: Mark Zuckerberg Speaks Mandarin?

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On Wednesday Mark Zuckerberg did his first ever public Q&A in Chinese at Tsinghua University in Beijing to discuss connecting the world,, innovation and the early days of Facebook.

Did we mention he did almost the entire session in Mandarin?

As surprising as it is to hear the Facebook CEO break out his Mandarin, it seems that his skill level is far from perfect. Quartz stated "his enunciation was roughly on par with the clarity possible when someone's stepping on your face" and he speaks it "like a seven year old" according to Foreign Policy.

If you are wondering why Zuckerberg knows Mandarin he listed three reasons:

1. His wife is from China and she speaks Mandarin with her grandmother. He wants to interact with her family.
2. He wants to further his understanding about China/Chinese culture. He thinks learning a new language definitely helps him widen his knowledge, etc..
3. He mentioned that Mandarin is hard, he love challenges.

Wedding of the Day

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[Insert jokes about "likes" and "status updates" here] But seriously, Facebook honcho Mark Zuckerberg married his girlfriend, Priscilla Chan. Zuckerberg, whose little-known social media network went public on Friday, will now also be rich in love. Awwww.


Facebook IPO Update of the Day

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Facebook's first day of public trading, by the numbers: 571 million shares traded, a 23 cent gain in share price (up to $38.23 from an initial price of $38), and one hilarious parody video from the Taiwanese animation wizards at Next Media.

And how did all of this affect Mark Zuckerberg's personal wealth? The Wall Street Journal is glad you asked. You can refer to their live tracker of the kid billionaire's fortunes for all your Zuckwatch 2012 needs.

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Facebook Status of the Day

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It's Facebook official -- and the status was rigged to post to Zuck's timeline as soon as he rang the bell to open NASDAQ's day of trading. BOSS.