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Fast food restaurants have really figured out how to get on the news cycle lately — namely through doing weird stuff that makes no sense.

Not six months ago, Darrell Hammond resurrected the corporate mascot of Colonel Sanders to sling fried chicken at a hungry America. And now, for a reason that is very unclear, fellow Saturday Night Live alum Norm Macdonald is stepping into the three-piece suit to replace him.

KFC Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Hochman explained it

For the first ads, we rebooted things that made Kentucky Fried Chicken the most favorite chicken brand in the world. We brought back the Colonel's iconic office, his white stretch limo, and the children's mandolin band he outfitted with instruments and white Colonel Suits to create authentic Kentucky bluegrass music. And the new set of ads are more of that same homage to the things that made Kentucky Fried Chicken such an important part of American families.

This is pretty dumb. But we can't bring ourselves close enough to care about any part of it.

Just like McDonald's idiotic revamp of the Hamburglar.

Remember that? It doesn't matter.

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Movie advertising can be super annoying.

It can also involve lighting a drone on fire and flying it around.

While we're still not sure what we think about the new reboot of the not-done-well-yet Fantastic Four movie, we are sure what we think about flying fire drones.

They are rad.

The extremely cautious safety crew for this video pulls out a man shaped, highly flammable cut out attached to flying drones then zooms it around the dark night sky, looking like Johnny Storm on his way to the Baxter Building or to fight Galactus or whatever.

We're totally fine with this type of movie promotion because a.) It shows us something IRL we've never seen before and b.) It's probably better than the movie.

The worse thing about this video is how bored those operators look while flying a flaming drone:

At least they got into the spirit a little bit:

If this sold you on the new movie, or if you wanted to see it anyway, Fantastic Four opens Aug. 7.

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While out on a dinner date with his husband earlier this week, Blake Loates from Alberta, Canada was shocked to find the words "You Retard" printed on the cap of her VitaminWater bottle. Outraged, Loates' father Blake, whose youngest daughter has been living with cerebral palsy and autism, then sent off an angry letter to Coca-Cola's board of directors to demand answers, to which the company responded with an apology to the Loates and an explanation that makes the story even more bizarre and incredulous. According to CocaCola Canada's spokesperson, the unfortunate wording on the cap was an unintended byproduct of a promo campaign that involves pairing up a random English word with a random French word, which by chance happened to be "retard," meaning "late" or "delayed."

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