A Letter Goes a Long Way of the Day: Man Sues Airline for Sending Him to Grenada Instead of Granada

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According to a legal complaint filed by Edward Gamson, an American dentist, he and his partner booked a trip to the Spanish city of Granada through British Airways. They were flying out of London, which is a two-hour journey from Granada. Unfortunately, that two-hour flight was actually a nine-hour flight to the Caribbean, because that plane was going to Grenada, 4,000 miles away from their original destination. One letter makes a big difference.

It's a mistake unlikely to happen on any online-booking service, but Gamson had called to make the reservation. "Grenada" and "Granada" is easy to mix up, although he claimed to have told the British Airways booking agent he was going to Spain.

British Airways initially offered him and his travel companion $376 each, plus 50,000 miles, but Gamson told NBC News that the cost of the missed trip, including hotels, trains and tours, cost more than $34,000.

Gamson is now suing the airline. A spokesperson for British Airways said the airline was unable to comment on active litigation.

Instant Karma of the Day: Worst Hair Plugs Ever

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According to sethwillo, this guy decided to stick his head in a hole and came out looking like this. There must have been a hiding porcupine inside that wasn't happy to see him and decided to bite him with his butt.

Misuse Of Russian Warships of the Day

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It's no Clint Eastwood + Invisible Obama, but Democratic National Convention organizers are apologizing for their own strange gaffe last week: During a carefully orchestrated tribute to veterans -- 50 were honored onstage -- the video onscreen behind them included an image of Soviet-era Russian warships.

The gaffe was "due to vendor error" -- but one Navy vet accused Dems of being out of touch with veterans: "Is the Democratic Party that far removed that they can't check up on a simple picture?"


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