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As Eminem once said, “You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow because opportunity knocks once in a lifetime.”

That’s how the son of Kansas Rep. Roger Marshall felt during a quick photo op at his father’s swearing in ceremony. As House Speaker Paul Ryan turned and smiled for the camera, Marshall’s son went for a quick, inconspicuous, and heroic dab.

That’s when Ryan, perhaps, smelling dissent in the air turned and shut it down, like so many public healthcare initiatives.

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Ryan asks the young man, “Are you going to sneeze?”

The boy, having just taken his only opportunity to embarrass his father, future self, and the guy who’s only dream is to have 100% privatized healthcare, put his hand down for the picture. The people, once again, have been crushed.


Paul Ryan admits that he’s totally out of touch with young voters:

Rep. Marshall jails his son for something that’s clearly protected by the First Amendment:

Keep fighting.


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In case you missed Thursday night's VP debate, here's the best -- and sassiest -- recap.

Meanwhile, the latest GOP campaign spot sticks it to ol' Joe:

Vice President Biden is laughing... are you? At the 2012 Vice Presidential debate, Vice President Biden spent 90 minutes laughing and rolling his eyes to try and distract from his inability to defend the last four years and provide a vision for the next four.

What say you -- was the veep's laughter as inappropriate as the RNC claims?

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... Martha Raddatz.

Also, props to Salon's Benjamin Wheelock for making Paul Ryan the star of Atlas Shrugged.

Further coverage to come Friday.

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