#TBT of the Day: Pepsi Used to Brag About Having a Lot of Calories

Pepsi was really proud about having a lot of calories
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Digging through whatever magical suitcase they have in their possession, Vox found this old ad showing Pepsi bragging about having more calories than a pork chop.

The 1942 ad placed in the New York Times tells a lot about the struggles facing America in that time period. The country had just entered World War II the year before and the war effort was scrambling to out fit a military fighting in Europe and the Pacific, while trying to overcome the economic devastation of the previous decade.

To the fledgling nutrition science and popular assumptions out there, what America needed was more energy, so the advertisers tried to highlight that in its pitch.

Why eat a crummy ol' tomato when you can get so much more food energy from a bottle of Pepsi?!

Apparently, this was part of a larger campaign.

They wholly embraced this image, using the slogan "The Drink with the Quick Food Energy".

So, it's not like they were hiding anything...

Genius Marketing of the Day: Pepsi Pranks London Bus Commuters With Augmented Reality

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Product Discrimination of the Day

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Sebastian Coe, Chairman of the London Olympics, issued a harsh warning for spectators attending the upcoming 2012 summer games. In an interview for BBC Radio, Coe cautioned that certain apparel would bar spectators from venue entry -- all in the name of protecting corporate sponsors. When asked if anyone wearing a Pepsi logo would be allowed into events, he replied with a short "No." When pushed for an explanation, Coe had this to say:

You probably wouldn't be walking in with a Pepsi T-shirt because Coca-Cola are our sponsors and they have put millions of pounds into this project, but also millions of pounds into grassroots sport. It is important to protect those sponsors.

He did say spectators "probably would be able to walk through with Nike trainers," although the Nike swoosh at Old Trafford Stadium in Manchester has been blocked out in preparation for soccer matches. Maybe his next move is to force Team USA Basketball to put tape over their Nike swooshes.


Another Follow-Up of the Day: Proponent of Shoot-First Law Loses Major Backers

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Coca-Cola, Intuit, and Kraft have joined Pepsi in renouncing membership in the American Legislative Exchange Council, a right-wing, corporate-funded organization that pushed -- hard -- for the shoot-first legislation that is hampering efforts to arrest and prosecute Trayvon's Martin's shooter. ALEC also is a proponent of restrictive voter ID laws; the two issues prompted progressive advocacy African-American group Color of Change to target the group this week with a petition campaign.