A chinese bride leaves her wedding photos in progress to give CPR to a drowning man.
Via: Daily Mail
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Dressed in her wedding gown, celebrating with family, a call of distress pulls a heroic bride into action.

A 25-year-old newly married woman was taking her wedding photos on a beach when a drowning man was pulled from the ocean.

According to the Daily Mail:

About 100 feet away, Guo Yuanyuan, who was a cardiac nurse at a local hospital, happened to be shooting her wedding photographs on the same beach.

Without thinking, she jumped off a three foot ledge and rushed to the scene while still wearing her wedding gown.

She then proceeded to perform CPR on the man as well as giving him mouth to mouth resuscitation for over 20 minutes.

In the process of saving the man, Guo had ruined her wedding dress, spoilt her make-up and broke her nails.

Very sadly, she was not able to save the man's life.

When paramedics arrived on the scene, they declared the man dead and said the cause was a heart attack.

The Daily Mail quotes Guo about the event:

"At that time, I only remember that I was a nurse. My career's responsibilities are higher than that of a bride."

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Via: Vox
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Well after weeks of speculation, the mystery seems to have finally been solved: Kim Jong Un has been spotted. Alive!

And now here he is in a recent photo spread, back at work, touring a creepy orphanage, devoid of any children.

New images of the Great Leader, released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), show him at the Pyongyang Baby Home and Orphanage wandering around inflatable swans while looking confused and happily inspecting a Hello Kitty tea sets, pink bunk beds and ball pits.

Looks like everything is back to normal in North Korea. Now if we can just find those missing children...

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Via: Time
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Occupy Central With Peace and Love, as the protest is officially known, aims to foment democratic change by paralyzing the heart of this freewheeling financial hub. It was originally slated to begin Wednesday, but an aligned student demonstration Friday gathered such momentum that its leaders brought the launch forward.

Hong Kong has been run under a "one country, two systems" since British colonial rule ended in 1997. Beijing had promised to let residents choose the city's Chief Executive, the tellingly corporate title of the top job in this bastion of free enterprise, by 2017, but now insists that all candidates must first be vetted by a committee perceived as curated by the Chinese Community Party.

Hong Kong's democracy activists see this as a betrayal; Beijing retorts that the Special Administrative Region already enjoys considerable autonomy and lacks patriotism.
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