The More You Know of the Day

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The More You Know of the Day: President Obama apparently decided that today, being the Ides of March and all, would be a good day take a stab at knocking beloved American president Rutherford B. Hayes down a peg or two.

While discussing the need to develop alternative energy sources in Largo, Maryland, today, Obama told the crowd: "One of my predecessors, President Rutherford B. Hayes, reportedly said about the telephone: 'It’s a great invention but who would ever want to use one?' That's why he's not on Mt. Rushmore."

Ouch. Except that, one phone call to the the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center in Fremont, Ohio, proved that the president was perpetuating a long-debunked myth about the 19th commander-in-chief. He actually loved phones!

"I've heard that before, and no one ever knows where it came from," the center's Curator of Manuscripts, Nan Card, told New York Magazine's Dan Amira. Card pulled a June 1877 article from the Providence Journal, which recounts Hayes's first experience with the telecommunications device.

"A gradually increasing smile wreathe[d] his lips and wonder shone in his eyes more and more," Card read aloud to Amira. Hayes "looked at [the phone] a moment in surprise and remarked, 'That is wonderful.'"

Card went on to remind Amira that Hayes, more than the first president to install an official White House phone, was also the first to use a typewriter. It's also worth noting, as author John Bartlett, that, prior to Obama, Hayes was the last president to call Harvard Law School his alma mater.

So much for veritas, eh?

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President of the Day

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President of the Day: A brand new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll released today predicts that if the elections were held today, Rick Santorum -- the presidential candidate who believes that pregnant rape victims should make the best of it, that free prenatal testing leads to more abortions, and that, contrary to the Constitution, the separation of church and state should not be absolute --

Political Contribution of the Day

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Political Contribution of the Day: Bill Maher may have been standing on stage at his own comedy show, but when he brought out a check for $1 million to hand over to an Obama Super PAC, he wasn't kidding around.

The talk show host was performing his "CrazyStupidPolitics" show in San Jose as part of a first-of-its-kind live-streamed comedy concert for

Godwin's Santorum of the Day

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Godwin's Santorum of the Day: Rick Santorum today denied he had compared President Obama to Hitler in a campaign speech over the weekend.

"No, of course not," the presidential candidate told a National Journal-CBS News reporter. "The World War II metaphor is one I've used 100 times in my career."

The comparison in question came during a Sunday evenin

Birth Control Compromise of the Day

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Birth Control Compromise of the Day: Responding to the objections of religious groups, President Obama today announced an "accommodating" revision to the health care mandate that will allow women to receive free birth control irrespective of their employers' personal conviction.

"[I]f a woman works for religious employers with objections to providing contraceptive servi

Logical Conclusion of the Day

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Logical Conclusion of the Day: Also, as noted by Redditor Hank_Scorpio_77, Batman Begins was released the year Obama was sworn in as Senator (2005).

Election over.

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