sam pepper youtube Internet Denizens Rejoice as Infamous Youtube Prankster Sam Pepper Quits the Internet
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Sam Pepper has become a very controversial figure in the last few years. He is famous for his Youtube pranks and "social experiments" such as the one where he pinched random women's bottoms that led to sexual harassment claims.  You may have heard of him recently due to massive backlash from his "prank" video where he convinced a friend that he killed his other friend "execution style". Now he seems to have disappeared off the face of the internet leaving only a single Tweet on an otherwise barren Twitter account. 

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Some people have questioned his motives with the way he left social media and Youtube so abruptly. 

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But, for the most part, they are just gleefully celebrating his absence. 

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In October, Josh James of Jupiter, FL threw a three and a half foot alligator into the drive through window of a local Wendy's restaurant. The authorities finally caught up with him and he has been arrested because apparently you're not allowed to go around town slinging large, dangerous reptiles at people.

Why would someone throw a three and a half foot alligator into a fast food restaurant? His mother told WPTV, "He's a prankster.  He does stuff like this because he thinks it's funny". 

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You may remember hearing the name "Sam Pepper" last year attached to a story about women accusing him of rape after his butt pinching prank/"social experiment" went viral for all the wrong reasons. The video, which was removed by YouTube, showed Pepper groping women with a fake hand in the name of a prank, which he later called a social experiment. Following the video, several teenaged women came forward to share their stories of sexual abuse at the hands of Pepper.

A little over a year has passed since these allegations surfaced, and Pepper is perhaps hoping we've all forgotten that he's a terrible person. Unfortunately for him, that's not the case.

His latest video, a prank involving a young man being "murdered" in front of his best friend, is incredibly hard to watch. The victim can be heard saying "I don't understand, we're just kids from Kansas.... You've got the wrong guys! He's everything I have" just before he sees his best friend get shot right in front of him. The pranksters let the victim of the prank scream and cry for more than half a minute before revealing that it was all a joke. In the video outro, everyone seems to be in pretty good spirits about the prank, but viewers don't feel the same way:

What do you think, has Sam Pepper once again taken things too far? Or did you find the prank funny?
Prank of The Day: Guy Thinks he is Texting Gorgeous Babe, Ends up Being His Dastardly Friend
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An Irish dude named Ollie was able to trick his friend into texting a girl named "Rachel" for nearly two days, even setting up plans to "Netflix and Chill."

His bud had met Rachel on Halloween night and went home with her. But she never texted back.

She had finally reached out, he thought. WRONG.

It was just Ollie.

Aren't friends just great?

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Adele released her new single "Hello" last week to much acclaim. And unless you've been living under a rock, you've wept alone to this tune at least 15 times.

This guy is apparently living under a rock.

Mary Caldarella decided to text her ex-boyfriend, Matt, these heartbreaking lyrics to see how'd he react.

He didn't get it.

"Last time I asked if we could go on a date when I came to auburn you told me to go f*ck myself."

Prank of The Day: Bros Hold Fake Funeral For Bud Who Spends Too Much Time With His Girlfriend
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These bros are dedicated.

After noticing that their buddy, 20-year-old Keiran Cable, had been missing ever since he started dating his girlfriend—they knew that something had to be done.

So the group of 50 footballers from Wales decided to do what any reasonable group of young men would do. They organized a fake funeral to say goodbye to their beloved friend.

The funeral took place at a local pub and included everything a good funeral must have: service leaflets, a coffin, funeral procession and time for friends to read their special memories.

"I was in complete shock and didn't know what to do or say. My cheeks were aching from smiling so much. The boys made a massive effort and it was definitely a day to remember," Cable said.

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Tumblr user Obvious Plant (aka Jeff Wysaski/PleatedJeans) is known for conducting some pretty clever pranks in which he “plants” fake signs around shops and other public spots around L.A.

One that recently got a lot of attention involved him placing some fake self-help books like “So You’re Son is a Centaur” among real books at a store in West Hollywood.

He’s also trolled a wine shop with some custom recommendations.

For his latest stunt, Wysaski stopped by a local pet shop and added a few of his own descriptions to some of the animals’ tanks and cages.

“Sometimes, you’ve just got to take it into your own hands to expand a store’s product line,” he writes.

These included everything from Guy Fieri hamsters and baby Godzillas to invisible fish and judgmental tree frogs.

Here are a few below, but you can check out the full set and more of his work on his Tumblr.

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