Apology of the Day: Georgia School Founder Sorry for Making Racist Remarks at Graduation, Blames Devil

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Well this certainly was a graduation that the students will never forget.

At the TNT Academy commencement ceremony in Georgia on Friday, the Valedictorian’s speech was accidentally left out of the program, so the crowd had started to disperse when he got up to speak, and not everyone was paying attention.

That’s when the school’s founder/director Nancy Gordeuk stepped up to the microphone to tell everyone that they were being rude.

“Look who’s leaving… all the black people,” she said.

As the video shows, the room quickly reacts to the racist comments with some people approaching the podium and others walking out in disgust.

Gordeuk has since apologized in an email to parents, in which she says “the devil was in the house and came out from my mouth,” according to 11 Alive News in Atlanta.

She also issued the following statement to NBC News.

Frustrated with the prospect of ruining the once-in-a-lifetime ceremony the graduates have worked so hard for, my emotions got the best of me and that is when I blurted out ‘you people are being so rude to not listen to this speech.’ I deeply apologize for my actions made in the emotional state of trying to let this last student finish his speech.

Here’s another video of the incident that includes a moment before the racist remarks where she calls someone a “goober” and a “coward.”

“She’s off her rocker,” says one of the men in the video.

Backlash of the Day: Starbucks’ Race Together Campaign Mocked on Twitter

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To encourage discussions about race relations in the United States, Starbucks has asked its baristas to write #RaceTogether on coffee cups and engage in serious conversations with customers.

Turns out that’s the last thing people a bunch of disgruntled people want first thing in the morning while waiting for their first jolt of caffeine.

CEO Howard Schultz describes the initiative as “an opportunity to begin to re-examine how we can create a more empathetic and inclusive society – one conversation at a time.”

He organized an internal meeting back in December in which employees shared stories and discussed all the recent shootings and events which inspired protests and riots from Ferguson to New York.

The company held similar forums around the country over the past few months, and now they’ve decided to extend this initiative out to their customers through the “Race Together” initiative.

Despite all the good intentions behind the campaign, it has turned into somewhat of a joke on Twitter.

After the backlash, Starbucks’ senior vice president of communications, Corey duBrowa, eventually deleted his Twitter account, which is not a good sign.

“I was personally attacked through my Twitter account around midnight last night and the tweets represented a distraction from the respectful conversation we are trying to start around Race Together,” he told Business Insider.

Here are some of the responses on Twitter that Starbucks likely did not see coming:



Chipotle Had a Little "Incident" On Twitter This Weekend

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Do you want guac with your hate speech? Chipotle’s Twitter account was hacked over the weekend, posting lots of racial slurs and anti-government rants - most of which aren't fit to publish.

Fail of the Day: Neo-Nazis Cancel Rally in Germany Because They Took Wrong Train

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Members of the neo-Nazi National Democratic party (NPD) in Germany were supposed to participate in a rally in Freiburg last Saturday.

Unfortunately (for them) the rally never happened, as they got on the wrong train and ended up in the city of Mannheim.

Their original train was overcrowded with soccer fans, so police forced them to take the next one. They failed to check the destination, however, before boarding.

“We didn’t miss them,” said the mayor of Freiburg.

These neo-Nazis aren’t exactly the brightest bulbs in the box.

Last year, the village of Wunsiedel turned an annual neo-Nazi march into a fundraiser supporting an anti-Nazi group called EXIT-Germany, and the neo-Nazis had no clue.

An Activist Writer Completely Disarms a Foul Troll Over Twitter in a Kind Display on MLK Day

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Today's Bigot is This San Francisco Tour Guide Who Gives Us a Piece of Her Mind About Chinatown

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WARNING: Obviously work-unsafe things are being said and expressed in this video. Also, bonus on-the-job drinking!

Confrontation of the Day: This Foul Parent is Proof We Don't Live in a Post-Racial America

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WARNING: There's a copious amount of racially-charged foul language in this video. Fair warning for those who may be triggered by that.

This is the video of startlingly casual racism that's been making the rounds on the internet in the past 24 hours. According to the uploader (a man going by the handle OYAB), this incident occurred the previous Friday, May 30th. By his account, he started up his car, prompting his stereo to play automatically. That's when this mother decided to go off in front of her children and throw out the hate speech.

If her twitter profile (again, warning for language in that link) is any indication, this kind of behavior isn't new to her. In a recent radio interview defending her actions she also brought up the old "but I have black friends/relatives" defense, which never ends well. The incident also prompted her ex to request custody of their children, for reasons that might be obvious.

Nice work by OYAB keeping calm in this kind of situation. Clearly we still have a long road ahead of us when it comes to race relations in America.

Update: Narvell Benning, the guy behind the camera, tells his story in an interview on 93.7 WBLK.