Outrage of The Day: Is This Political Cartoon Calling Out The Kentucky Governor-Elect Racist?
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Kentucky's Gov.-elect Matt Bevin doesn't want Syrian refugees coming to his state. He is also a parent of multiple adopted children from Africa.

That's the hypocrisy cartoonist Joel Pett, who is now in serious hot water, tried to convey in a political cartoon published in the Lexington Herald-Leader.

But some are calling his cartoon, which shows Bevin cowering under his desk from pictures of his adopted children, racist.

Bevins called out the cartoonist on Twitter and said his children should be off-limits in political discussions.

Pett defended his cartoon in an editorial, saying it had nothing to do with the children and everything to do with Bevin's fear of Syrian refugees.

Did I attack his children? Of course not. Was the cartoon racist or critical of adopting children, as some are suggesting? The fact that he adopted children from Africa, a continent whose promise and challenges I routinely draw about, is the thing I admire the most about Bevin.

I did use the fact that he has children from another country in a piece designed to express outrage over a legitimate hot-button political issue. (Bevin used them in photo-ops and on TV commercials over the past two campaigns, but that's another story.) I did this with my name signed to it, in a newspaper with a long history of tolerating and publishing opinions of all persuasions and on a page labeled "opinion."

So, Internet. Racist or nah?

Controversy of The Day: Walmart Clothing Display Resembles Hanged People
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Do you see anything wrong with this Walmart display?

A lot of people do. And they're calling it insensitive as best and racist at worst.

Some customers at a Walmart in North Las Vegas were outraged at a clothing display they say looks like people being hanged from the ceiling.

It may seems like a stretch to make the comparison—but is it really?

A local reporter went on the street to ask what people saw when they looked at the display.

"...A little like the Ku Klux Klan, black people hanging from the ceiling," said one woman.

Other said it looked like people being hanged, but some saw nothing.

Walmart has yet to respond to the situation, but the display has been taken down. Intent aside, it is clear that the display struck a chord with many who saw it.

Hacktivism of The Day: Anonymous Releases Full List of Alleged KKK Members to The World
Via: OpKKK
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Anonymous is back at it again.

On Guy Fawkes Day, a favorite day for this type of thing, the hacktivist collective Anonymous released the promised full list of alleged Ku Klux Klan members' personal information.

The group released a similar, but much smaller list, earlier this week that named prominent members of congress and mayors as KKK members.

But those claims have largely been debunked.

"We consider this data dump as a form of resistance against the violence and intimidation tactics leveraged against the public by various members of Ku Klux Klan groups throughout history," Anonymous said.

The data dump has also given the public a glimpse at the strange slang KKK members use between each other.

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Here we go again...

YouTuber and cut-rate Jenna Marbles, Nicole Arbour, just posted a new video titled "Dear Black People." This will go well.

Arbour is mostly know for her last very offensive video, "Dear Fat People," which launched passionate responses from people all across the Internet who were outraged over her comments about overweight people.

In her latest video, Arbour continues to bring her juvenile humor and shock-for-the-sake-of-shock antics.

"What the KKK do and have done in the history of the world is completely f*cked up not OK. However, they are proof that the white people invented the hoodie."
She does actually hit on some important topics, like the school-to-prison pipeline and unfair incarceration based on minor drug offenses.

But that message gets lost. Because she is Nicole Arbour.

And she is insufferable.

Interview of The Day: Rachel Dolezal Finally Admits She Was Born White
Via: TMZ
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We've got a white woman, ladies and gentlemen!

Rachel Dolezal, Former president of the Spokane NAACP and "black identifying" Internet meme, sat down with the hosts of The Real and admitted what we all already knew: she was born white.

"I acknowledge that I was biologically born white to white parents, and I identify as black," she said as members of the audience gave a standing ovation.

Dolezal became an worldwide name after being caught in a lie about her racial identity by a local news station.

She also became one of the Internet's favorite memes of 2015.

The Rachel Dolezal saga ends. (We hope.)

Racism of The Day: An Alabama Teacher Wears Blackface For His Kanye West Halloween Costume
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Here's your friendly reminder that you shouldn't wear blackface on Halloween (or ever.)

A 5th grade teacher at the Chestnut Grove Elementary School in Alabama apparently didn't get this memo. He dressed up as Kanye West, complete with "Kanye for Prez 2020" sign.

Heath Morrow's wife Shannon posted the photo on Facebook with the caption: "Haha some people thought Heath was really a black man."

She's probably not laughing now.

Although the original post has been deleted, nothing is gone forever once posted on the Internet.

Sadly, instances of blackface appear every year on Halloween. Most notably, actress Julianne Hough went in blackface as "Crazy Eyes" from Orange is The New Black in 2013.

Fail of The Day: Newspaper Ad Looking For Nurse Includes 'No Haitians'
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What century are we living in again?

A newspaper ad in New York is causing outrage because of two words that were included, a harsh reminder of discrimination many people still face when applying for jobs.

'No Haitians' the newspaper ad states, looking for a "laid back nurse."

Berthilde Dufrene, Founder of the Haitian American Nurses Association of Rockland County, addressed the controversy in a Facebook post.

"This is not just a disrespect of the Haitian nurses, but disrespect for the nursing discipline and the entire community that have benefited from the services and care provided by the Haitian nursing professionals," she wrote.

New York Senator David Carlucci has said he will ask local and federal departments to start an investigation into the ad.

The company who posted the ad, Interim HealthCare, has not released a statement. But the corporate Twitter account obviously had better things to talk about...like shoehorns.

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