Finally! A Shakespeare Production Starring All Pugs!

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Have you always loved Shakespeare but you feel like it's been missing a certain canine quality? Well you're not the only one. Kevin Broccoli has set out to create a production of Hamlet starring all pugs. What's the show called, you ask? You guessed it: "Pug-let." Is this something you want to see happen? Mr. Broccoli needs your help. Here's what he has to say on his Kickstarter page:

I want to produce the first-ever all-pug production of "Hamlet." As you can imagine, this will require finding very talented pugs.

For years I've dreamed of mounting one of Shakespeare's most glorious works with nature's most glorious creation: The Pug.

This will be the first-ever (that I'm aware of) all-pug production of "Hamlet." The actors will be pugs--even Gertrude.

It will be an amazing theatrical event. Please help us bring it to life.

*If the project is fully funded, we can film it so people who can't travel to see the show can still receive a link to view the production in lieu of an actual ticket.

Bard Chart of the Day

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Shakespeare took his last breath 396 years ago today -- but did we ever really lose him? Esquire columnist Stephen Marche, author of How Shakespeare Changed Everything, gives us a little perspective:

"Shakespeare is the foremost poet in the world. All of the scriptwriting books cite him as the dominant influence on Hollywood. He has had more influence on the novel than any novelist. The greater the artist, the more he or she was influenced by Shakespeare. Dickens and Keats were more inspired by Shakespeare than anybody, and their familiarity with Shakespeare seems to have made them more original, not less."