News Bloopers of the Day: Snow + Reporters = LOL

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Snow news is good news, right?

After this week's Snowmageddon in Buffalo, here's a nice collection of snow-related news bloopers to keep you entertained while you thaw.

This Giant Panda is Having a Romp in the Snow and the Internet Loves It

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Giant panda Da Mao has just introduced you to your favorite new sport: "bear-bogganing."

The 6-year old panda, on loan from China, was caught on camera Tuesday making the best of the recent snow at the Toronto Zoo.

Snowmaggedon of the Day: Blizzard Buries Buffalo

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Around six-feet of snow covered the Buffalo area Tuesday, thanks to a lake-effect snowstorm, trapping residents and stopping traffic. Deaths have been reported as well, 3 of which were from heart attacks.

And another 2-feet of snow is reportedly on the way. Not good.

Here's some news you might have missed:

Gov. Cuomo has deployed the National Guard [NY Daily News]

A drone toughed out the storm, and the footage is insane. (see video above) [James Grimaldi]

For some reason, the University at Buffalo did not cancel classes, and commenters on Facebook found this very amusing. [dan_blather]

The storm did not stop this baby from being born. [WIVB]

Some suburbs around Buffalo got close to breaking the record for 24-hour snowfall [NWS Buffalo]

This photo is why flying is probably NOT a good idea during a storm. [USA Today]

Here's your lake effect. Someone shot a timelapse of the storm as it crossed over Lake Erie into the city. [Alfonzo Cutaia]

And as always: the memes are coming. [scy1192]

Film Parody of the Day: One Inch of Snow

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Check out this parody trailer for a disaster film about the horrors faced by Georgia residents when threatened with an entire inch of snowfall.