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Social Media Fail of the Day: Texas Governor Jinxes Astros With Premature Tweet
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Texas Governor Greg Abbott made a lot of Houston Astros fans angry today.

A congratulations tweet from an account run by his staff was inadvertently sent during the seventh inning of the Astros vs Kansas City game. The team was winning 6-2 at this point, but not for long.

Kansas City pulled an upset and went on to win 9-6. Many people on Twitter accused the Republican governor of jinxing the team.

The governor responded in his own sassy way.

The Astros will take on the Royals in game 5 Wednesday night due to Greg Abbott's curse.

Two bank robbers get arrested after posting pictures of themselves with the money. Like idiots.
Via: sostrenews
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Bonny and Clyde, they ain't.

A couple of very smart people bragged about their Aug. 24 Asheville, Ohio bank robbery by posting pictures on social media with the wads of cash they took from the bank tellers.

This is obviously not a smart idea.

According to Sostre News:

Police were helped in their investigation by the clear images showing John Mogan and Ashley Duboe hamming it up with their fortune in greenbacks. Four days after the robbery, they began posting photos of their loot, and one friend complained that Mogan " didn't hook a brother up."

Mogan and Duboe were arrested this week for the August 24 robbery. Police say they gave a note to the teller in the Ashville bank, and walked out with a tall stack of bills. He looks nervous on the surveillance video, but in the days after the heist, they both looked gleeful on their Facebook postings.

Apparently, Morgan had just gotten out of state prison for an earlier bank robbery. He put on make up to disguise his face and neck tattoos. But sadly, nothing could disguise his stupidity.

The Hunger Games has a social media poster problem.
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Well, that's probably not what The Hunger Games' official Twitter account meant.

To mark that there are only 100 days left until the most recent and final Hunger Games movie, Mockingjay Part 2, releases into theaters, the social media team for the Jennifer Lawrence-led franchise tweeted out this poster early on Aug. 14.

There is something pretty dirty, most likely accidentally, hidden within this poster.

Do you see it?

We're not going to tell you exactly what it is, but we can give you a hint.

It's somewhere in this vicinity:

And before you say that it's just our minds stuck in the gutter, the post has already been deleted off of the Twitter account's activity. Luckily, the Internet never forgets.

Tomorrow's another day and they'll probably learn from this graphic design mistake.

Via: WeiboVideo
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An absolutely enormous explosion rocked the Tianjin province of China in the late hours of Aug. 11.

Very little information has come out about the cause of the gigantic fireball, how many casualties it caused or what impact it could have on the industrial province.

So far, the BBC has only the barest of details.

The explosion reportedly occurred at the Tianjin Binhai New Development Zone at about 23:30 (15:30 GMT). Pictures and video footage shared on social media suggest a number of people were wounded by the blast.

Several nearby tower blocks are without power, according to the Chinese state broadcaster CCTV.

At this time, most of what is known has come out of social media, with hundreds of people posting the devastating event and its aftermath in the city, which lies southeast of the country's capital Beijing.

The blast was even visible from space:

According to Wikipedia, over 15 million people live in the Tianjin province. The area in which the explosion occurred is reportedly home to 219 Fortune 500 companies.

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Between threats from Anonymous and a new crackdown from Twitter, ISIS is having a tough time reaching out and recruiting new psychopaths online.

To circumvent the censorship, the Islamic militant group has reportedly created its own social network called “Khelafabook.”

The Facebook clone claims it is independent and not actually sponsored by ISIS (even though it has ISIS logos all over its homepage). It says its goal is to show the world that they don’t only “live in caves” and “carry guns,” and they vow to “will rule the world by Allah’s permission.”

Khelafabook was set up by a man in Mosul, Iraq, according to The Independent, and is hosted in Egypt. There’s also an associated Twitter account which is linked to from the site.

The site first popped up last week, but has already been taken offline “to protect the info and details of its members,” according to a message on the page.


After it was taken down, Twitter accounts associated with Anonymous appeared to claim responsibility, as Vocativ points out.

For the the time being they’ll have to look elsewhere to share their terrorist pancake recipes.

Via: LTavvy
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It may be the "Year of the Selfie" but a certain Decepticon is having none of it.

In an epic rant with a girl a Universal Studios, Megatron perfectly sums up everything that is wrong with social media and a generation of people addicted to their phones.

"You will not receive a selfie so long as you stand before me with your ridiculous furred hoodie!" he says. "When will you learn that your status updates mean zero-to-nothing to anyone, ever! It doesn't matter which social network you post it on. Worthless! Use your mind. Create new memories. Interact."

Truer words have never been spoken.

By Unknown
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Seriously? Again?

In what is becoming a regular thing these days, yet another celebrity in the midst of controversy has reached out to people on Twitter, and yet again it has backfired.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, who has been under fire for promoting suspicious weight loss products on his show, initiated an online Q&A on Tuesday for people to submit their medical questions.

Instead, he was inundated with Tweets basically calling him a snake oil salesman and a quack.

Here's a few notable examples, but you can read them all on the hashtag: #OzsInbox.

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