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Alex Purdy was looking for life long friendships, support and maybe some philanthropy when she joined her sorority. What she got was a house full of mean girls. When she left Greek life she made this video hoping to inspire change. She says this in the description:

This video is a reflection of my experience in a sorority. I decided to leave last semester and make this video to share my thoughts on how greek life can change for the better. I want to make it clear that all matters are purely my opinion. If you relate to some of the things I said, please share this video on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #sororityrevamp to help inspire others to bring sororities back to their roots.

She mentions girls being given weight loss pills to encourage them to lose weight and girls being told to dress more provocatively so that "boys will like them".  Her biggest problem was the lack of compassion her "sisters" had toward each other. So far she's received mostly words of encouragement for her video. 

Mockery can't take the class out of this sorority after MLB announcers notice their selfies.
Via: Alpha Chi Omega
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Looks like they had good parents after all.

After a video went viral yesterday of MLB announcers mocking sorority girls ignoring a baseball game to take selfies, the Arizona Diamondbacks wanted to make things good with the women of Alpha Chi Omega.

They offered the sorority free tickets to an upcoming game in hopes of making everything square, showing there were no hard feelings.

In a classy response, the sorority publicly thanked the organization, but said the tickets would be better used for a charity. They also brought attention to the fact that October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and invited people to donate toward protecting families.

Alpha Chi Omega at Arizona State University would like to thank the Arizona Diamondbacks and Fox Sports for reaching out...

Posted by Alpha Chi Omega at ASU on Thursday, October 1, 2015

Just a perfect response.

But also, ladies, we all know that selfies have killed more people than sharks this year. So, please capture your experiences responsibly.