Game of the Day: Stephen Colbert Launches a Choose Your Own Adventure Game to Distract You From Work

Stephen Colbert has a new choose your own adventure game.
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As we've mentioned before, Stephen Colbert has a lot of time on his hands.

His takeover of The Late Show from David Letterman doesn't begin until September and he's been whiling away the hours with a lot of pop culture pomp and circumstance.

However, he released something a little different July 20.

Instead of the usual madcap video, his CBS show portal gives you the gift of a text-based choose your own adventure game.

Play it here: here.

Named, "Escape from the Man-Sized Cabinet", the adventure takes you into a magical land of Narnia-proportions, where you will try and click your way through the right decisions. Be careful, though, the wrong choice can mean certain death.

And that may mean a certain return to work.

The game also includes a centaur named Randall.

This game follows the absolutely hysterical precedent began by Clickhole in March, which invited brave adventurers to risk their necks on Mysterious Skullshadow Island.

If you'd rather have one of Colbert's more ol' timey videos, harkening back to the ones he was putting together only two weeks ago, he uploaded another this morning just for you.

Nerd Battle of the Day: Stephen Colbert and Neil Degrasse Tyson Spar Over the #PlutoFlyBy

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As you are no doubt award, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft passed by Pluto July 14, giving us as a species the first opportunity to get a clear view of the far off dwarf planet.

Everyone was excited. Except Neil Degrasse Tyson that is.

Since Stephen Colbert has nothing better to do than plan for the apocalypse and launch a cable access career, he invited the popular astronomer and host of the television show Cosmos to come share in the tenacity of human invention.

Tyson, a long time advocate of demoting Pluto down to its lowly current status as a dwarf planet, had a hard time matching Colbert's enthusiasm for seeing the reaches of our solar system.

"No one has seen this before yesterday," Tyson said in the video of the gorgeous photo that's been making the rounds. "So, that's awesome."

He took the same level of malaise to his Twitter account yesterday as well:

Good natured as their discussion was, Tyson goes to some lengths to show how unimpressed he is with the proceedings, even pointing out that the small planet is not even featured on his tie.

Colbert counters by quoting Dante's Inferno and then sharing a Klondike ice cream bar. So, pretty typical.

"It even has a heart," Colbert says to Tyson, referring to what many see as a shape hidden within the terrain of Pluto, "unlike you."

Finale of the Day: Immortal Stephen Colbert Sings Farewell with Literally Everyone

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"The Colbert Report" aired its finale episode Thursday night, and after killing the Grim Reaper to become immortal, Colbert closed the show with a little sing-a-long.

And by little we mean an epic, over-the-top, celebrity-packed number deserving of the departing host.

Here he is performing "We'll Meet Again" with a slew of his pals in entertainment and politics including – among many others – Jon Stewart, Willie Nelson, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Tom Brokaw, New York City mayor Bill DeBlasio, Cyndi Lauper, Bryan Cranston, Big Bird, James Franco, Michael Stipe, Barry Manilow, Christiane Amanpour, Andy Cohen, and Patrick Stewart.

And of course we all know when we will actually meet him again, as Colbert will be taking over the "Late Show" for David Letterman in 2015.

"I'm ending The Report and I was gonna say goodbye, but now that I'll live forever, who knows," he said.

At the end he took off in Santa's sleigh with Abraham Lincoln and Alex Trebek, because… why not?

Guest Host of the Day: President Obama Takes Over for Stephen Colbert With ‘The Decree’

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Talk about a government takeover!

"The Colbert Report" was broadcasting from Washington D.C. on Monday when President Obama appeared on stage to announce that he was stepping in for Stephen Colbert in his segment "The Word."

Since Colbert had take so many shots at his job over the years, he said, he wanted a shot at his. And because he is the president, he naturally changed it to "The Decree."

"Nation, as you know, I, Stephen Colbert, have never cared for our president," Obama says to kick off the piece called "To Health in a Handbasket."

While discussing his health care plan, he made fun of himself in the third person, Republicans and even the "fake news" channel "Fox News."

The Colbert Report is in its final stretch with the last episode to air December 18.

Interview of the Day: Anita Sarkeesian Talks #GamerGate on Colbert

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GamerGate has made its way out of the internet trenches of 4chan and 8chan and into mainstream media, most recently with Stephen Colbert dedicating a portion of his show Wednesday night to the topic (including his obsession with Ms. Pac-Man) and interviewing host of "Feminist Frequency" Anita Sarkeesian.

For those out of the loop, here's a brief overview of GamerGate via Know Your Meme:

GamerGate refers to the online backlash against perceived breaches of journalistic integrity on video game news sites that occurred as a result of the Quinnspiracy, an online controversy surrounding indie game developer Zoe Quinn's alleged affairs with a number of men working in the video game industry, including Kotaku staff writer Nathan Grayson.
The movement has also resulted in an online battle over sexism in video games, and threats of violence towards women.

Cable Shows Feed Cable Shows as the Back and Forth Between Bill O'Reilly and Stephen Colbert Heat Up

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Here's the clip that made O'reilly upset:

Watch both our programs to watch this dumb feud and raise our ratings. WOOOOO!

Stephen Colbert to Replace David Letterman on 'Late Show'

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CBS has made a five-year deal with Colbert, which was announced Thursday by CBS Corp. Letterman announced his pending 2015 retirement on April 3.

"Simply being a guest on David Letterman's show has been a highlight of my career," Colbert said. "I never dreamed that I would follow in his footsteps, though everyone in late night follows Dave's lead. I'm thrilled and grateful that CBS chose me. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go grind a gap in my front teeth."

Comedy Central released this statement: "Comedy Central is proud that the incredibly talented Stephen Colbert has been part of our family for nearly two decades. We look forward to the next eight months of the ground-breaking Colbert Report and wish Stephen the very best."