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This little fluffy stowaway just took your holiday break to school.

It seems that the Adare Manor Hotel and Golf Resort in County Limerick, Ireland knows a great deal about how to treat a lost, and afar from home guest. This bunny made the most out of it's unplanned and extended stay in Ireland.

Cause sometimes your world comes crashing down around you, and you just gotta' keep calm, and spa.

After awhile not even all the riches and luxury could quell this bunny's inner desire to return home.

At long last the hotel was able to track down the bunny's owners, and the bunny has now been reunited with its most cherished BFF, Kate.

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Stuffed Animal of the Day: Story goes that, in 1731, King Frederick I of Sweden received a lion skin as a gift from the Bey of Algiers. The taxidermist tasked with mounting it had never seen a lion in real life, and only had a vague idea of what one was supposed to look like.

The resulting monstrosity -- seen above -- remains on display at

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