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Rescue Mission of The Day: Taco Bell is Saving Its First Restaurant And Livestreaming The Whole Thing
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A piece of Americana fast food history will be safe thanks to the good people at Taco Bell.

The first ever Taco Bell restaurant will be picked up, loaded on to a truck and driven 45 miles to a new home (all while being livestreamed.)

And it all happens TODAY!

The Downey, CA building served as a Taco Bell from 1962 to 1986 until other taco shops took up residence. Developers are eyeing the property, so Taco Bell corporate stepped in to rescue the building.

Taco Bell hasn't decided what to do with "Numero Uno," but the company is taking suggestions from fans while the old shop rests at Taco Bell headquarters for safe keeping.

If you live in Southern California, you can follow the building's journey along its many stops. Or check out the live feed here.

Employees were arrested using a Taco Bell as a meth lab.
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Ever wonder why Taco Bell tastes so delicious even though you know it's terrible for you?

Well, if you live in Iowa, the answer to that might be more than simple sugars, grease and salt.

An employee and another man were arrested in Cedar Rapids Aug. 4, after police found traces of meth production in the fast food restaurant.

Eater, appropriately, has the story:

Public safety spokesperson Greg Buelow tells the news station that police officers responded to calls about suspicious persons at 4:45 a.m. When the officers entered the restaurant, they found meth lab remnants. UPI notes that police have not clarified whether or not meth was cooked inside the restaurant but police donned hazardous material suits as they investigated the situation.

Taco Bell corporate told the reporting tv station in a statement that "the incident was 'unacceptable' but 'isolated.'"

"The employee has been terminated and our franchisee is considering pressing criminal charges," the statement said.

Hmmmm, meth being run out of a 'Mexican' food restaurant...

Sounds like a pretty familiar idea. There's no telling where those criminal masterminds might have gotten the idea...

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From WFTV:

An intoxicated New Smyrna Beach man wanted Taco Bell, but employees wouldn't serve him because he was on a bicycle in the drive-through lane, authorities said.

They called New Smyrna Beach police when Gabriel Harris, 33, refused to leave after placing an order at the drive-through window as the restaurant was closing just after 3 a.m. on Sunday.

His is the human condition, the struggle we all face. Bless you, drunk-munchies cyclist guy.

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Ex-Taco Bell interns have told The Huffington Post that they are the ones who first pitched the billion dollar idea way back in 1995 as a part of an internship competition.

Andrea Watt came up with a billion-dollar idea when she was just 20 years old, and she wouldn't mind at least getting a little credit.

During a summer internship in 1995, Watt and three other college students pitched the idea of a Doritos-shell taco to Taco Bell executives as part of an intern competition. They lost that contest, but their idea turned out to be a winner more than 15 years later: Taco Bell has netted more than $1 billion in sales from its eerily similar product, the Doritos Locos Taco, which it launched in 2012.

"I'm sure I signed away that anything I pitched to them was their property anyway," Watt said. "I would just like someone to recognize that it was a good idea."

And here's the letter to Watt giving feedback on her team's idea.

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The company began working on a mobile app for this sort of thing almost three years ago, and recently tested it out in a limited capacity in Orange Country, California.