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Apparently, the Ukrainian Secret Service (SBU) have been watching this guy for months. Somehow they got surveillance video from inside his house as he loads up his van with a ridiculous amount of weapons and ammunition. He was allegedly planning on making an attack at the Euro 2016. Although he was clearly up to something, France maintains that they have not yet connected him to a terrorist group. 

Epic Troll of The Day: 4Chan Turns ISIS Into Rubber Ducky Soldiers
Via: Imgur
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The normally horrible folks over at 4Chan have actually done something pretty awesome.

While ISIS is busy trying to terrorize the whole world, 4Chan users thought it might be time to bring the group down a couple notches and treat them like what they really are—ridiculous idiots.

What better way to mock an organization that sees itself as super tough? Turn them into cute little rubber duckies.

Middle Finger of The Day: Charlie Hebdo's Response to The Paris Attacks is Perfect
Via: afpfr
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Charlie Hebdo just sent a huge middle finger to ISIS.

The cover of the controversial magazine, which had its offices attacked and 12 killed by terrorists in January, ran the cover below following the Paris attacks last week.

Terrorist group ISIS claimed responsibility for killing 129 people around Paris in a series of coordinated bombings and shootings that has rocked the world.

The cover of the magazine features a man chugging champagne while it pours out of what appears to be bullet holes.

"They have weapons… F*ck them, we have champagne!" the captions says.


Via: Anonymous Nord
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Anonymous has declared war on ISIS.

The global hacktivist collective released a chilling video Saturday where they threaten terrorist organization ISIS (or Daesh) in retribution for horrible attacks carried out last week in Paris.

A series of bombings and armed attacks linked to ISIS killed 129 people.

"Anonymous from all over the world will hunt you down," a masked spokesperson says in French.

"You should know that we will find you and we will not let you go. We will launch the biggest operation ever against you."

Anonymous is promising to take down any websites with ISIS propaganda and make their Internet lives hell.

This will be the group's "biggest operation ever"

Fail of the Day: Police Were Called on Swedish Beard Club After Someone Reported Them as ISIS
Via: JP.se
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Not everyone who has a beard is a terrorist—go figure!

The Swedish chapter of Bearded Villains, a beard enthusiast group, were mistaken for the terrorist group ISIS during a retreat where the bearded bros were posing with their flag.

Apparently the group's flag looks similar to the official flag for ISIS. And because beards = terrorists.

According to Swedish media, police showed up to the meeting at Brahehus castle and had a good laugh at the case of mistaken identity.

Check out some more pictures of these burly men on their Instagram.

Louisiana residents think welcome home signs are from ISIS
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Some Louisiana residents are pretty certain that ISIS is coming for them. 

They were tipped off by conspicuous signs popping up in the rural area of Gardner situated in the center of the state. 

Thankfully, it was not the Islamic extremist group and instead someone trying to be friendly. 

According to local news KALB:

The Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office says signs that have popped up in Gardner depicting a message written in another language are written in Hebrew.

RPSO and KALB were contacted by several residents who were concerned about the signs and that they might have been terror message written in Arabic.

The sheriff's office says not to worry, they are actually "welcome home" signs written in Hebrew and not in anyway affiliated with ISIS.

This is just another reminder to not be friendly.

People will always think you are from ISIS. 

arrests Occupy Movement political radical regular terrorists - 6246229504
Via: dailyintel
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These three dudes may or may not be involved in some plot that involves attacking President Obama's campaign headquarters in Chicago, as well as Rahm Emanuel's house, which -- given the state of today's political climate -- is a terrible idea.

With loose ties to the Occupy Movement, Jared Chase, Brent Betterly, and Brian Church were arrested a few days ago for allegedly planning a series of attacks in Chicago during today's NATO summit. Police found Molotov cocktails and cited their plans to attack banks, police stations, in addition to aforementioned political stations. The trio's lawyer, Michael Deutsch, says that they are the victims of an elaborate setup:

From what we've learned, we believe it is a setup — entrapment to the highest degree — and it is sensationalism by the police and the state to discredit the protesters who have come here to nonviolently protest.

Government setups aren't anything new, however, the dreadlock-Misfits shirt combo might make people doubtful of your innocence.