Rescue of the Day: Helicopter Saves Cop from Floods in Texas, Refuses to Put Him Down

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A dramatic rescue in Sachse, Texas quickly took a turn for the funny on Friday, when a local cop was brought on a lengthy joyride over a farm.

In the video above from FOX 4 news, the unnamed officer is airlifted by a Department of Public Safety helicopter after his car gets stuck in the rising flood waters.

The news anchors covering the event watch as he attaches himself to the harness and soars off to safety.

But once they’ve reached dry land, they don’t let him down very quickly. Instead he is taken on a 4-minute long flight across some cow-filled pastures while the world watches and the anchors laugh.

“Where are they taking him?” asks one of them, to which the other replies “It’s kind of an odd sight, isn’t it?”

They joke that maybe the extended trip was punishment for ruining a perfectly good police car.

He was eventually lowered to the ground, and will likely rise up to viral video stardom.

“He’s happy to be out and safe,” another cop named Lt. Marty Cassidy told WFAA news. “He knows he’s not going to live this down.”

Mystery of the Day: Some Texans Have Literally Lost Their Minds

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About 100 jars of human brains went missing from The University of Texas at Austin years ago, and the school kicked off an investigation this week as to their whereabouts.

The brains were originally transferred from the Austin State Hospital and were collected from various autopsies dating back to the 1950s. The jars are each labeled with a date and a diagnosis.

The collection includes schizophrenics and one even belongs to Charles Whitman, the sniper who killed 16 people on campus in 1966.

A renewed interest in the mystery was sparked by the recent release of a new book called "Malformed: Forgotten Brains of the Texas State Mental Hospital." After news of the the missing brains spread online, it was reported that the brains ended up at University of Texas in San Antonio, but this turned out to be incorrect, according to the New York Times.

Have you seen these brains?

Damn Nature, You Scary: What is Thor Doing in Texas?

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Hot weather, ebola, and now this...

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This Is All Kinds Of Wrong of the Day

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This Is All Kinds Of Wrong of the Day: Duane Edward Buck, an African-American Death Row inmate convicted in 1997 of killing two people while under the influence of drugs, is scheduled to be executed in Huntsville, Texas, this Thursday.

But his lawyers, a prosecutor responsible for his death sentence, and a woman he shot, are requesting clemency for Buck because they believe

Simpsons Did It of the Day

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Simpsons Did It of the Day: Residents of a neighborhood in Abilene, Texas, are up in stupid arms over a replica of Michelangelo's iconic statue of David installed in the front yard of a local homeowner.

Neighbors say they find the statue's nudity offensive, and want it removed. "Some art needs to be left in the doggone museum," neighbor Jacqueline Hince