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Have you seen this man, woman or man? Perhaps in a mirror?

Harry English, Niamh Geaney and Terence Manzanga have challenged each other to find someone who looks just like them, and they only have one month to do it.

The three friends from Ireland are using social media to crowdsource the new project which they are calling “Twin Strangers.”

“They say there are 7 people in the world who look exactly like you,” they write on their website. “We want to find OUR Twin Strangers.”

They’re asking people online to submit photos of anyone they think resembles one of them through their website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

They were initially inspired by a journalist named Sophie Robehmed who successfully found her own twin back in 2011.

The search kicked off on March 30, and they’ve been documenting all of their progress up until this point on their blog.

With only two weeks left, Niamh met up with one of her potential twins in real life, and she is pretty much a dead ringer.

You can watch their encounter below, and submit your own photo if you think you look like one of them.

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Via: Telegraph
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A baby got his family all shook up when he was born with an amazing full quiff hairstyle made famous by Elvis. George Georgious has a large mop of black hair, which formed into a little wave minutes after birth. Despite any attempts to brush it flat, the little rock and roller has a permanent quiff with natural "sideburns" flat to his face. George, aged 10 weeks, now has a bouncing bouffant and mother Maria is regularly stopped in the street by admirers who compare him to the King.

Via: [Telegraph]

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