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Greece is the new Australia.

The national tourism agency has featured a well-known landmark in a new promotional video for the country. Unfortunately, it's from the wrong country.

The video uses 15 seconds of footage from a time lapse video of the stars above the Twelve Apostles rock formations, shot by Australian photographer Alex Cherney.

But the agency is defending itself, claiming that it wasn't a mistake, according to "The Sydney Morning Herald:"

The embarrassing blunder has been compounded by "preposterous" claims by the Greek tourism ministry that the use of the images are justified because constellations seen in the sky above the apostles on the video "carry Greek names".

The 12 Apostles debacle is actually the second controversy surrounding the video since it was released in early November. The government also mistakenly included footage of Hitler's 1936 Berlin Olympics and was forced to re-edit it.

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