Inappropriate Place to Find Cocaine of the Day

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Utah resident, Cindy Davidson, was just trying to take care of some feminine hygiene business when she purchased a box of tampons. Much to her surprise, Davidson found some cocaine wrapped in cellophane in the box. Instead of using it to transport coke to a prisoner (like in the movies), Davidson, instead, notified authorities, who are currently looking into the matter. Whether or note Davidson has tried vodka-soaked tampons remains unclear.


Follow Up of the Day: Utah Gov Vetoes Abstinence-Only Bill

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Utah Governor Gary Herbert made his objection to the state's abstinence-only bill known last night when he vetoed the legislation.

HB363, which would have forced schools that teach sex-ed to make classes entirely about abstinence, was approved by the state Senate on March 6th.

In addition to making sex-ed effectively toothless, the bill would have banned teachers and students from discussing contraception and homosexuality in the classroom.

Prior to the veto, Gov. Herbert told reporters he thought the existing curriculum "works pretty well." Utah currently requires parents to opt in to sex-ed classes in writing. A survey by the Salt Lake Tribune found that "the vast majority of parents opt in to the instruction."

"After careful review of existing law and following extensive discussions with stakeholders on both sides of the issue," Herbert said today. "I am convinced the existing statutory framework respects these two principles, while HB363 simply goes too far by constricting parental options."

An online petition opposing the bill received over 40,000 signatures; and the governor's office was flooded with thousands of letters from concerned citizens asking Herbert to veto the bill.

The legislation's co-sponsor, Sen. Margaret Dayton (R), expressed her disappointment at the governor's decision, saying she found teaching students about contraception akin to telling them to avoid drugs while showing them how to "mainline" heroin.


Abstinence-Only Bill of the Day

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Abstinence-Only Bill of the Day: With the nation's attention trained on the media's breathless coverage of Super Tuesday, Utah's legislature this evening quietly passed a bill requiring schools to teach abstinence-only sex education, or else skip the classes altogether.

Additionally, both teachers and students would be prohibited f

Extreme Mountaineering of the Day

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Extreme Mountaineering of the Day: Old: Hiking snow-capped mountain peaks. New: Motocrossing snow-capped mountain peaks.


Facebook Saves of the Day

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Facebook Saves of the Day: A woman being held hostage along with her 17-month-old son was able to access Facebook and post a status update alerting friends to her situation.

According to police, the unidentified victim had been held inside a home in Sandy, Utah, for five days before she managed to retrieve her confiscated cell phone, and surreptitiously post a mes

Look At This Bike Park Loving Dog of the Day

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Look At This Bike Park Loving Dog of the Day: Lily loves running alongside through Utah's first bike park, Trailside. (Starts @ 1:08.)