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The new Instagram account Putinspiration is only a week old, but in that short time it has probably changed thousands of lives with its message.

In the same vein as the inspirational posters that have been going around for years, this one just slaps positive messages on great pictures of the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Russia destroys a lot of cheese because of western sanctions.
Via: BBC
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One year ago today, Russian officials responded to western sanctions by declaring they would ban foreign imports on many foods, including cheese.

Well Aug. 6, the BBC says they began keeping that promise by destroying a great deal of food.

One steamroller took an hour to crush nine tonnes of cheese. The country has also steamrollered fruit and burnt a huge pile of bacon.

Boxes of bacon have been incinerated. Peaches and tomatoes were also due to be crushed by tractors.

The destruction has caused an outcry from anti-poverty campaigners who say it should have been given to the poor.

Just watch as literally tons of cheese gets bulldozed behind this reporter:

More bulldozers. Bulldoze the cheese!

If you're wondering why so much footage exists of this destroyed cheese, it's because Vladimir Putin demands it, according to The Guardian.

President Vladimir Putin signed the decree ordering the destruction of food which breaches sanctions last week, with the law due to come into force officially on Thursday. The products must be destroyed in front of witnesses, and the act should be captured on video, to preclude corruption.
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Via: BBC News
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The A in APEC should stand for "awkward," because that's what this week's Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Beijing was all about.

There was a very strange handshake between Japan's prime minister and the Chinese president. President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin greeted each other with some sort of elbow grab, and both leaders managed to offend the Chinese in their own ways, including Obama chewing gum upon entry to the event, and what has quickly become the most talked about moment: Putin randomly draping the first lady of China Peng Liyuan in a shawl.

She accepted the gift, but almost immediately removed it (around 40 seconds into the video). Sorry Vlad.

Within a few hours after the clip aired on live TV and was passed around on Twitter, censors attempted to remove all traces of the moment from both mainstream outlets and social media, according to Foreign Policy.

This wasn't Putin's first awkward "shawl moment." He also draped German Chancellor Merkel at the G20 Summit in 2013.

Beware world leaders: newly-single, bare-chested, horseback-riding Putin is officially on the prowl for your wives.

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Chelsea Handler repeatedly posted a topless photo of herself riding a horse to Instagram Thursday night, mimicking the classic shirtless Vladimir Putin shot.

But Instagram, citing its Community Guidelines, repeatedly removed the photo.

Needless to say, she was not happy, accusing Instagram of sexism.

"Taking this down is sexist. I have every right to prove I have a better body than Putin." She wrote on her account.

So who wore it better? Handler or Putin?

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Via: Slate
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The Kepler Astroseismic Science Consortium has a funding project called the Pale Blue Dot Project, which allows anyone to purchase naming rights to a star for the astronomically (see what I did there?) low price of $10.00. A group of Ukrainian astronomers did just that, and elected to name a star "Putin-Huilo," with "huilo" being Ukrainian slang for "d-ckhead," "a-hole," or "dipsh-t."

The astronomers got the name from Ukrainian Foreign Minister Andriy Deshchytsia's now-famous outburst in June, in which he yelled "Putin is a d*ckhead!" in front of an angry crowd outside the Russian embassy in Kiev. The diss may seem rather pedestrian to the rest of us, but it's rather unique coming from a government official. The Kremlin called for Deshchytsia's resignation after the outburst, to which Deshchytsia presumably replied "lol no."

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