Photo of the Day: Paul Rudd’s ‘80s Hair is Everything

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New evidence has emerged proving that Paul Rudd used to be a lion.

A Reddit user uploaded a photo this week of Rudd in the '80s when he was at the University of Kansas sporting a wild mane, and it's amazing.

Yearbook Poll of the Day

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Paul Ryan's senior poll from a yearbook at Joseph A. Craig High School in Janesville, Wisconsin shows a brown-nosing prom king who wasn't even considered the "Ryan" with the most potential -- Most Likely To Succeed went to Adam Ryan. It's okay Paul, this guy once struck out on Most Likely To Succeed and Most Athletic. Sure, it was 8th grade, but it counts.


Yearbook Photos of the Day

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"Best buddies" John and Ian almost one-upped the Nguyens. Almost.