Lululemon announces a beer to go with all your yoga.
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You know you get thirsty from all that yoga you do, so why not rehydrate with a nice frosty beer?

That's what the über yoga clothing store Lululemon wants you to do anyway.

According to the apparel giant's Instagram account, the beer will come to the Seawheeze Half Marathon, which is apparently something that happens in Vancouver.

They're calling it the 'Curiosity Lager' and, according to the New York Daily News want it to be seen as a craft beer.

Canadian yoga retailer Lululemon has teamed up with Vancouver's Stanley Park Brewing to launch a limited-edition craft beer called Curiosity Lager, made with chinook and lemon drop hops for a "crisp, cold beer."

The limited edition beer — only 88,000 cans will be produced — will be served at the 2015 SeaWheeze Sunset Festival and Half Marathon in August in Vancouver and line liquor store shelves across Canada later this month.

Drunk yoga is something most of us are familiar with.

We may refer to it as something different.

But Lululemon probably just wants to standardize the whole thing.

This whole thing seems just like something to get dudes more interested in yoga, like when they unveiled their "Anti Ball-Crushing" Pants, which "gives you and the family jewels room to breathe."

Luckily for you, there's cheap, probably better, beer all around us!

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Oh my god… Chewy!

This girl was just filming herself (vertically… ugh) practicing some yoga moves when her little dog wandered into the shot.

Then BOOM, Chewy gets lauched into space before transitioning into downward dog.

Looks like he was just a little shaken up but otherwise seems to be ok.

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If you thought hot yoga was intense, you probably aren't ready for this.

Forty-year-old Gugulotu Lachiram is being called a "hero" in India for his death defying meditation techniques, which he performs on his motorbike at speeds up to 60 km/h with no helmet.

He says he gets scared, but so far he hasn't had any accidents - even though he's just one mistake away from turning downward facing dog into downward facing disfigurement.

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Arthur Boorman, a paratrooper in the Gulf War, made so many jumps that he blew out his back and knees. He grew depressed and packed on the pounds, ultimately requiring crutches to get around; doctors told the veteran he'd never be able to walk unassisted again. For 15 years, Boorman accepted that he was disabled.

Then he discovered yoga.


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