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IF you're wondering what The Rock is cooking for his new Youtube channel, he's apparently got a channel trailer. It's not very illuminating but it is pretty bizarre and entertaining so maybe we can hope for more of the same?

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PewDiePie, is a Youtuber we all know for two things: making loud noises while playing video games and making insane amounts of money from the videos of that. 

People on the internet love to hate him but you can't help but feel a little bad for him now that he's been evicted for making too much noise. The situation would be hilarious (if you're one of the haters) if it weren't for the real reason behind his eviction. 

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sam pepper youtube Internet Denizens Rejoice as Infamous Youtube Prankster Sam Pepper Quits the Internet
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Sam Pepper has become a very controversial figure in the last few years. He is famous for his Youtube pranks and "social experiments" such as the one where he pinched random women's bottoms that led to sexual harassment claims.  You may have heard of him recently due to massive backlash from his "prank" video where he convinced a friend that he killed his other friend "execution style". Now he seems to have disappeared off the face of the internet leaving only a single Tweet on an otherwise barren Twitter account. 

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Some people have questioned his motives with the way he left social media and Youtube so abruptly. 

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But, for the most part, they are just gleefully celebrating his absence. 

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fine bros react trademark Fine Bros. Apologize After the Internet Points Out That Trying to Trademark the Word 'React' is a Bad Idea
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Recently Youtubers the Fine Brothers announced a "React World" program where anyone could use resources they supplied to create their own versions of their famous "React" videos, provided they follow through with the legal requirements to license the use of that "style" of video from them.  When the Fine Brothers announced that they planned to trademark the word "React" and framed it as an action "for the community", that community got pretty upset. They are well known for making their name from reaction videos from Kids, Teens, Elders and an assortment of other groups, which they also applied to trademark reacting to stuff in addition to just "react" in general. 

Youtube is full of 'reaction' videos, as angry Youtubers were quick to point out, pretty much everyone has done it at least once. That's why it could be pretty annoying when one company decides to try to trademark such a general idea for their own use.  

That's probably what began this steady decline in subscribers and a PR disaster. 

via supaplex_

Eventually, they decided to cancel their program and issue an apology on Medium to appease the people:

We realize we built a system that could easily be used for wrong. We are fixing that. The reality that trademarks like these could be used to theoretically give companies (including ours) the power to police and control online video is a valid concern, and though we can assert our intentions are pure, there’s no way to prove them.

We have decided to do the following:

1. Rescind all of our “React” trademarks and applications.*

2. Discontinue the React World program.

3. Release all past Content ID claims.**

Obviously the original video announcement has been taken down but if you didn't get to see it, this video parody will give you a pretty good idea of what it was like: 

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Did you know those re-made 10-year old viral video clips that jumpstarted YouTube's popularity?

Here's the behind-the-scenes look at how YouTube made this year's Rewind.

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For anyone who loathes those horrible YouTube "social experiments," today is a glorious day.

Adrian Gee filmed a "social experiment" where he pretended to be a blind man to see if people would be dishonest when he asked for change. But the video was found to be a total lie when actors who said they were hired to be in the video came forward.

In a delightfully cringe-worthy video above, a journalist from TodayTonight called him out in a TV interview. Gee continued to lie and say the video was real, and then ended the interview abruptly.

But he did have something to say in a lengthy YouTube comment where he basically says that he lied, but it was all to troll TV networks.

I came up with the idea and thought it'd turn out to be an interesting video to shoot IF I could get a just a few people to take my $50. I contemplated on going to a bad area (which could be considered as 'The Hood' for anyone reading from the U.S) to shoot to get the reactions I needed but I took a second thought and thought to myself 'Why risk going out in 'The Hood' to lose some cash when I could just grab a few actors and get the shots that would be needed' So I decided to try it out and put a casting call out for actors to shoot a social experiment. I asked a few actors that applied and asked them if they were down and a majority of them were interested and enthused about the idea.

He continues...

After the video was up I have had a majority of the actors involved message me saying they loved the video it wasn't until I accepted invitations from the media for TV interviews that is when all of this went south. I had the top 3 TV networks in Australia basically fighting over me pressing for a TV interview. Initially I wasn't going to do any but then I reconsidered and thought to myself 'Why not?' as most of the stuff they put out to air are all lies what difference will this make. After all this is just a silly YouTube video that's intended to make you think. I basically 'trolled' everyone through the interviews via Channel 7 & Channel 9 (Channel 10 were smart and pretty much knew the video was staged and decided to back out from the interview).

SUUUUUREEEEE...Adrian Gee. How about this?

You were caught in a lie and your other dumb videos are probably fake, too.

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Here we go again...

YouTuber and cut-rate Jenna Marbles, Nicole Arbour, just posted a new video titled "Dear Black People." This will go well.

Arbour is mostly know for her last very offensive video, "Dear Fat People," which launched passionate responses from people all across the Internet who were outraged over her comments about overweight people.

In her latest video, Arbour continues to bring her juvenile humor and shock-for-the-sake-of-shock antics.

"What the KKK do and have done in the history of the world is completely f*cked up not OK. However, they are proof that the white people invented the hoodie."
She does actually hit on some important topics, like the school-to-prison pipeline and unfair incarceration based on minor drug offenses.

But that message gets lost. Because she is Nicole Arbour.

And she is insufferable.

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