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Actress Amber Tamblyn recently pulled one hell of a prank on Transformers actor Tyrese Gibson, and led the actor to believe that she was actually model Amber Rose.

The actor and sometimes-underwear model plucked her email address from a CC list, and instead of correcting Gibson, Tamblyn (whose middle name is Rose) engaged him in an email conversation.

The duo talked about collaborating on an album, and she even treated the actor to a few of her demos.

The hilarious song clips, likely made with the help of her fiancé comedian David Cross, range from subjects like the splits, dance floor etiquette, how much contraception matters, and the recent birth control legislation.

"I guess you could call them Awareness Raps?" wrote Rose to the Street Carnage blog, which is operated by Cross' friend Gavin McInnes. "I am the Hilary Clinton of Ghostface Killahs."

By the end of the email thread Gibson is pretty sure it's not the Amber Rose he thinks it is, but Tamblyn had already released the demos and emails.

Gibson isn't taking the joke well, and while he thinks it's "not cool," we're thinking the complete opposite.