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The future of NBC's hit comedy The Office may seem a little up in the air, but insiders say many of the fan-favorite cast members will be around for at least part of the next season.

Sources say Ed Helms and John Krasinski are close to signing new contracts, but the show will have to figure out how to handle their film schedules: Helms will likely shoot The Hangover 3 soon, and Krasinski is set to star in Promised Land.

Many are wondering if the ninth season will be the last for the show, "but if a couple new characters are introduced or other story ideas emerge, you just never know," an insider tells TV Guide.

However, another source added that "they've had those discussions about what would happen if it were to be the last year."

Either way, The Office is facing big changes: Mindy Kaling's Fox pilot is rumored to be a favorite, James Spader will not be returning for the next season, and Rainn Wilson's character Dwight Schrute is probably getting a spinoff.

Paul Lieberstein, the executive producer who plays Toby, will be working on the spinoff project, meaning The Office is in need of a new showrunner. Another executive producer, B.J. Novak, who plays Ryan, is in the running to head up the writing team.