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A Twitter thread looks back on all the nostalgic days | melina melmadara bringing back weird memories elementary school running a finger between tiles | these smelled SO bad and were probably washed once year colorful fabric clothes

Twitter Thread: Drift Off Into Nostalgia

Throwing it back.
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ruining movies from the 80s

15 Twitter Users Ruin 80s Movies With Words Of Creative Destruction

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nostalgic memes

15 Nostalgic Pics And Memes To Take You Back To The Good Ol' Days

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Nostalgia of the Day: New 2017 Teddy Ruxpin Proves You Can't Bring Back Your Childhood and Win

trending news video 2017 teddy ruxpin 80s toy fail
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Millennials Are Facing a Crisis

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Heathers Take 2 of the Day

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