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cute old couple celebrating their anniversary

A Chinese Couple Becomes Billboard Famous After a Photo Shoot for Their 64-Year Anniversary Went Viral

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Thanksgiving dinner clapback memes

'Thanksgiving Clapback' Memes And Tweets Are Relatable AF For Anyone With Nosy Family Members

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old people on social media

15 Awkward Moments from Old People Facebook

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21 of our favorite times the Turnt Grandpa Twitter account had hilarious dirty humor.

21 Times "Turnt Grandpa" Dominated Twitter With Hilariously Dirty Humor

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Sad teddy bear parenting Grandpa Video holidays crying - 179462

Watch These Little Girls Be Brought to Tears When They Find out Their Teddy Bears Have Recordings of Their Late Grandfather's Voice

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FAIL rant Grandpa holidays - 84284929

Miserably Spoiled Girl Goes Off on Crazy Rant at Her Grandpa Over Being Late for iPhone Appointment

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WOW of the Day: 104-Year Old Cyclist Named World's Greatest Athlete of his Age

trending news 104 year old cyclist named greatest athlete
Via New Scientist

Awkward Moment of the Day: Dating Your Grandpa's Doppelgänger

Doppelgänger Grandpa funny dating g rated - 7877649920
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