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All The Best 'Dabbing Dude' Memes The Internet Has To Offer

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Melania Trump plagiarizes Michelle Obama's 2008 speech

Melania Trump might get away with plagiarizing Michelle Obama's speech, but don't try to pull such a stunt in school or college!
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Republicans presidential campaign Video - 78374401

Presidential Hopeful John Kasich Made a Sexist Remark and Even His Supporters Weren't Having It

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Democracy of The Day: Video Proves Democrats and Republicans Are a Lot More Similar Than You Think

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Send Off of the Day: Republicans and Democrats Rejoince as Congress Loses Its Boehner

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Debate Prep of the Day: Obama Helps Trump Get Ready for the Republican Debate

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Amusing GOP Comment of the Day

GOP news obama politics regular Republicans - 6246440448
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Congressional Quarrel of the Day

Congress debate GOP military news politics regular Republicans - 6243241728
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