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You Saw This Coming of the Day

tattoo Romney - 6823013120
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White People Mourning Romney

Romney election white people politics single topic blog - 6749340160
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Chris Christie interview hurricane sandy election 2012 Romney - 43925249

Hurricane Sandy Is Bigger Than Politics of the Day

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obama election 2012 Romney - 43915265

The Greatest Generation Talks Politics of the Day

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election 2012 kids these days obama Romney - 43710721

Preschool Political War of the Day

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Because Cheetos of the Day

Romney obama election 2012 - 6701723136
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Ann Coulter presidential debate Say What Now Romney election 2012 obama - 24836

Say What Now: Ann Coulter Edition of the Day

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Battleship: Election Edition of the Day

election 2012 Romney obama presidential debate - 6698526720
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When It Comes To Drone Strikes of the Day

infographic obama Romney election 2012 - 6697613056
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Binder Full Of Women of the Day

Romney - 6696801280
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Round 3 of the Day

debate election 2012 Romney obama - 6696794112
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Presidential Debate Drinking Game: Round 3 of the Day

drinking game Romney obama - 6695796992
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obama Romney election 2012 Video - 43406849

In Case You Missed It of the Day

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Help Mittens Catch Women With His Binder of the Day

Romney - 6684622336
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presidential debate Romney obama Video - 43328257

The 2nd Debate Gets Songified of the Day

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The Internet Reacts To The Debate of the Day

presidential debate Romney obama election 2012 - 6680653312
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