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Turkish white-collar worker turned photographer Uğur Gallenkuş captured the stark differences between Western life and the struggles of people in war zones around the world. The cover image is a school boy transposed over a picture of a child soldier capturing the two conflicting worlds perfectly

The Contrast of the Dueling Worlds is Truly Shocking

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Dog strolls on stage during classical concert

Dog Walks Onto the Stage at a Classical Concert in Turkey and the Crowd Loves it

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Trump's two turkey names that were shared on Twitter are already getting roasted.

President Trump's Turkey Names Are Getting Deep Roasted By Twitter

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turkey in the microwave prank

This Stupid Viral Thanksgiving Prank Is Hilariously Enraging Moms Everywhere

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Anon opens a jar with his mind

Green text story of Turkish man that learns to open a jar that is hard to open using a butter knife to break the vacuum instead of force which fails and might break the jar.
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myth thanksgiving youtube Turkey science Video - 83756801

Debunking of the Day: Turkey isn’t the Cause of Your Thanksgiving Drowsiness

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Turkey Video rescue - 154631

Valerie the Turkey is Very Lucky That One Little Girl Got Her Christmas Wish for a Unique New Pet

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In Turkey, a Gollum Meme Could Land You In Jail

lord of the rings meme may send turkish man to jail
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thanksgiving Turkey smoking weed - 75977729

Recipes of The Day: Here's How You Can Make an Entire Cannabis Thanksgiving Meal

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Good Deed of The Day: Michigan Restaurant Advertises Free Thanksgiving Dinner For Any Lonely People

Good Deed of The Day: Michigan Restaurant Advertises Free Thanksgiving Dinner For Any Lonely People
jimmy fallon thanksgiving Turkey Video - 75796225

WWE of the Day: The Undertaker, Professional Wrestler, Shows Us How to Prepare a Turkey by Performing His Signature Move, the Tombstone

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aaron paul breaking bad heisenberg instagram Turkey coffee - 583429

Heisenberg of the Day: There's a Breaking Bad Themed Coffee Shop in Turkey

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thanksgiving parody nerdist Turkey hunger games Video - 66539009

‘Hunger Games’ Parody of the Day: Turkeys Battle for Thanksgiving Pardon

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Turkey Video - 61277185

Unicyclists and Turkeys, it's a Rivalry as Old as Time

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Holiday How To of the Day: Cook Your Turkey in the Dishwasher

cooking thanksgiving Turkey weird holidays - 7924145408
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GIF of the Day: Self in Galata

gifs Turkey - 6840117248
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