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runner adopts stray dog that ran with him during race

British Runner Wants To Adopt The Stray Dog That Ran Besides Him In a Challenging Desert Race

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Tweet about Trump's visit to the UK

This Parody Twitter Account Sums Up The Daily Life Of Queen Elizabeth And It's So Funny

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banning the sell of puppies and kittens

Pet Stores In The UK Are Now Banned From Selling Puppies And Kittens

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funny uk headlines about animals

These News Headlines Prove UK Is Home To The Most Dangerous Animals In The World

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amphibian named after trump

UK Company Names Blind Worm-Like Amphibian After Donald Trump

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the magnetic field is about to move so greenwich compasses point true north for first time in 360 years

Compasses Will Point True North For First Time in 360 Years

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Cross-eyed burglar gets roasted on facebook for his funny mugshot

Cross-Eyed Burglar Gets Positively Destroyed In Comments Section Of His Wanted Notice

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funny tweets from british twitter

20 Hilarious Tweets By British People You Really Need To Read Right Now

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Freebie of the Day: One-Way Flight to Iceland for Brits of Your Choosing

trending news free flight british citizens iceland wow air
Via Business Insider

Larry the Cat is Feline Much Better After a Late Night Fight With Palmerston

larry the cat is feline much better after a late night fight with palmerston
Via Rex

How Brexit Britain Plans To Rule The Waves

How Brexit Britain PLans To Rule The Waves
Via Weight of facts
europe britain twitter vote British UK Cats - 838917

The #CatsAgainstBrexit Hashtag Is Taking Over Twitter As the EU Referendum Approaches

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Disney Halts Frozen-Themed Champagne-Style Drink

Via Mashable
news UK funny Video - 77052161

Jon Snow Dances to Drake's Hotline Bling

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shia labeouf art UK Video crying - 76820993

This Is How You Touch Shia LaBeouf's Soul

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Hateful Fat-Shamers Are Handing Out These Cards on The London Underground

social media woman calls out public fat-shaming group handing out cards on London Underground
Via @kflorish
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