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A funny story about about Ultima Online | officialgarrusvakarian greyyourwarden shock if fallout 76 really is world where "every character is real person there's no NPCS im making my civic duty be like this lowly tavern barkeep and then once established enough rapport going nuke all west virginia and will be character

Ultima Online Player Takes Epic Revenge

Well done, sir.
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A collection of high potential video games that ended up failing completely | DesertRobot111 11h 1 Award Yall remember Brink Reply 1 5.3k 3

High Potential Video Games That Failed Completely

Some games can't keep up with the hype.
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why video games need more diverse characters

A Straight White Dude's Twitter Thread On Why Gaming Needs Diversity

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People on Twitter react to person's complaint about the Mario game being racist to Spanish-speaking people.

Girl Complains About Mario Being Racist, Gets Shredded By People On Twitter

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trump tweeting about video game violence

Trump's Violence In Video Games Video Gets Roasted To The Extreme

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russia Pokémon pokemon go Video Game Coverage video games - 82408705

This Vlogger Could Face Up to Five Years In Jail For Playing Pokémon GO In Church

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Pokémon GO Credited for Reviving a Once-Struggling Ice Cream Shop

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It's Time You Met Your New Pokémon GO Gym Leaders!


This Guy Was Arrested for Sending Death Threats to Blizzard


Rampant Hostility Between Pokémon GO Players on Different Teams Inspires People to Create 'Team Harmony'

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Nintendo Announces Mini-NES, Which Will Play 30 Classic Games

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Blizzard Just Sued an Overwatch Cheat-Maker on the Premise That They're Costing the Company Millions

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birthday Video Game Coverage video games nintendo - 839941

Celebrate Nintendo-64's 20th Birthday With These Unforgettable Gamechangers

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Korean Woman so Good at Overwatch That a Couple Pro Gamers Said They'd Quit If She Wasn't Cheating, and Now the Two Are Outta the Game

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secret video games Video Video Game Coverage - 78698497

A Secret 3D Mode in 'Prison Architect' Was Just Discovered

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Amazon Announces "Lumberyard," a Free, Cross-Platform, 3D Game Engine

amazon announces game dev tools lumberyard
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