The Inaugural Flight of Airbus's Newest Jumbo Jet Was a Complete Disaster
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36 passengers aboard the first ever flight of the Airbus A350 experienced the ride of their lives.

Ok, so maybe it wasn't that intense. But, passengers riding on one of the most luxurious airplanes on the planet saw their lives flash before their eyes when the technologically advanced plane decided it didn't want to take off.

After zooming down the runway at over 100mph, the HAL 9000 of the Airbus A350's deemed the runway too short and the plane skidded its way to a complete stop. Sounds fun!

Passengers aboard the flight from New York to Doha were nursed with plenty of beverages to ease their troubles as the technical difficulties were attended to, and the airplane eventually took off.

Still, the PTSD of that traumatic experience won't be departing anytime soon.