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Al Roker, America's favorite formerly-portly weatherman, just lost his shit on international tv, calling Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte a liar, for the lies Lochte recently told about being attacked at gun point in Rio. Which he wasn't. Which makes that a lie. Which makes Lochte a liar.

Lochte, the liar, even admitted to "embellishing the truth" in an interview with Matt Lauer.

Read more about the drama here.

For his punishment, Lochte is getting his own turn on Dancing With the Stars, while other Olympians who created international incidents are actually getting in real trouble for wrongdoing.

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Via Today
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It is Guinness World Records Day, and NBC's Al Roker is attempting to do what no other weatherman has done before: a 34-hour, uninterrupted forecast.

Rokerthon, as they are calling it, kicked off at 10:05 p.m. ET Wednesday night, and will continue until around 8 a.m. Friday morning.

The rules:

-He must talk about weather for the entirety of the time, outside of breaks.

-He can talk about current weather, and weather seven days in the past or seven days ahead.

-For every 60 minutes completed, he can take a five-minute break. The breaks can carry over and be combined, so if he goes four hours without stopping, he can take a 20-minute break.

-Two independent witnesses must also be there at all times.

The current record stands at 33-hours, broken in September by

Whether he can complete the task or not, it's all for a good cause, as he is also using the stunt to help raise money for
his Crowdrise campaign to benefit the United States Service Organizations (USO).

And now, a look ahead at your Al Roker-watch forecast for hour 20:

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By Unknown
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A rare tornado touched down in the Big Apple today, as wacky summer weather patterns continue their path of mayhem. This home video captures one twister in Queens, New York. All five boroughs are on tornado watch until 9 pm Saturday night.

In more devastating storm news, four people were killed in Oklahoma, including two grandparents and their grandchild, after fierce thunderstorms ripped through the region.

Meanwhile, on the left coast, Seattle is enjoying a near-record breaking 48th consecutive day without rain, which almost makes up for the 300 other days it rains every year. Almost.

Add in record droughts and heat in the Midwest Everywhere, and perhaps there's something to that whole Global Climate Change thing. Either that, or the Mayan's were right. Back to you, Al...

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