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Ouch of The Day: Danish Guy Claims Apple Watch Gave Him 'Severe Burns' on Wrist
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This doesn't look pleasant.

A Danish man is claiming that his Apple Watch gave him "severe burns" on his wrist and fingers, but the tech company says "No way."

Jorgen Mouitzen was in a restroom when he said he felt pain and smelt burning flesh. He quickly realized it was coming from his Apple Watch, he told Yahoo News.

Mouitzen says he rushed to remove the watch, burning his fingers in the process.

Apple has examined the watch and said the watch could not have caused the burns. There are no active electronics in the band.

Nevertheless, Mouitzen still believes the watch was responsible.

"There was nothing else around that could have heated the strap up other than the watch," he said.


Technophilia of the Day: 6 Things You Should Know About Today's Apple Event

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