Scientists Reveal What Ancient Relative of Humans Looked Like

What do you, me and every other person on Earth have in common? I won't make you guess, because we all have a lot more in common than we think we do. No matter how different we might seem from each other, we're all part of the same species: homo sapiens. And that means that we all have ancestors in common. We know what Neanderthals look like, but it's a different story for their recently discovered cousin, the Denisovans. Some scientists have just made a pretty good guess about what the Denisovans looked like. 

scientists predicted what denisovans looked like
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Facebook Rant of The Day: Man With Unfortunate Name is Sick and Tired of Your Jokes
Via FOX 5
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Phuc Dat is having one Bich of a day.

A Facebook post by a man named Phuc Dat Bich (pronounced "Phoo Da Bic") is picking up steam. He says his Facebook page has been shut down several times by Facebook because the social media site thinks he has a fake name.

And because it sounds like, well, you know—some curse words.

The post was created back in January, but it's getting more recent attention since an Australian newspaper got wind of it.

Long story short, his name is Phuc Dat Bich.