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[GRAPHIC] Story of the Day: Man Gets Attacked by Grizzly Bears, Lives to Film and Tell Tale

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Lochte Shot of the Day: The Internet Responds to Dancing With the Stars Protesters

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Via @eddiemoses
Two Dudes Rushed Lying Olympian Ryan Lochte on Dancing With the Stars Wearing Anti-Lochte Shirts This crap is getting old! I love u @ryanlochte and respect you putting yourself out there, you are one of a kind!! ... #respect A video posted by Ed Moses (@eddiemoses) on Sep 12, 2016 at 7:14pm PDT The Debate Over Lochte Is in Full Swing Where Many Had Excellent Points Like this.... ...and this: And also this: Some People Didn't Buy His Comeback AT ALL... Wanting him to get more punishment... Tying…

Magpie of the Day: Australians Under Attack

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No Thank You Nature Video of the Day: F*ck Ton of Midges Attack Scottish Dude

trending video news mosquito midges attack scotland
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Warning of The Day: Anonymous Declares War on ISIS After Paris Attacks

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This Biker Attack Takes an Unexpected Turn

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Violent Act of the Day: "Sharkeisha" Sucker Punches Unsuspecting Girl

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