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Dallas City Tours is Promoting Their Business With What Some Might Call a... "Tasteless" Exploitation of Tragedy

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Idiot of the Day: One Criminally Dumb Thief Attempted to Steal a Piece of Art Under His Hoodie

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Crass Move of the Day: Here Are Five Brands Trying to Take Advantage of 9/11 for Sales

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Stinginess of the Day: Philadelphia Eagles Running Back LeSean McCoy Tips .03% on a $60 Tab

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A Texan Cop is in Hot Water After Posting This Food Stamp Rant (With Casual Violent Threat Attached)

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Do Not Even Think About Attempting This Pool Jump at Home

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Curiosity Almost Killed the Cat: Smashing a Phone Battery? Might Want to Think That One Through.

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Selfie of the Day: This is Literally the Last Place in the World You Want to Take a Happy-Go-Lucky Selfie

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We're All Out of Our Minds if Anybody Thinks the "Edible Mist Machine" is a Good Idea

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If You Want to See Your Barista Rage Out (or Give Yourself a Heart Attack) Then Please Order This Drink

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Police Training With Rookies and Live Grenades: What Could Go Wrong?

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This Teen Learns the Hard Way Not to Joke About a Terrorist Attack on Twitter

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Photography is Not a Crime (But it Will Get You Mugged) of the Day: Punks Hate Google Glass

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Brand Interaction of the Day: One Man's Sordid Tale of Making Sweet Love to a Pizza

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Bad Idea of the Day

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