You're making bank! Or maybe you're looking for a bank. Or maybe just looking for a way to make a joke out of mounting debt and loans that seem to just come from every direction. So dive into the world of economics and the funniest parts of banks and money you could find.


Cat Burglar of the Day: This Cat is in a Bank, Presumably, to Burgle It

The term “cat burglar” has to come from somewhere, right? Merriam-Webster defines it as “a burglar who is adept at entering and leaving the burglarized place without attracting notice.” Sounds like a real sneaky kitty. 

But that doesn’t necessarily correspond to this actual cat burglar, who was spotted just chilling in the lobby of a bank last night, presumably, in the middle of a burglary.

Now, I know this doesn’t look like your traditional cat burglar, missing are the black and white stripped shirt, black mask, and, of course, giant sack with a dollar sign on it. However, in its stead is — and follow me here — a cat.

That’s right this is a literal cat in a bank. We don’t know how the cat got in there, but we can definitely assume that he or she is there to burgle that bank.

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Fail of The Day: Man Finds Bank Wide Open With No One Inside
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Someone is getting fired.

An Arizona man who didn't realize his local bank was closed on Veteran's Day arrived only to discover that someone left the doors unlocked.

Rey Lopez entered the bank and realized no one was around. He called out and got no response. - Columbia, South Carolina

"I was basically inside the bank and I had access to the computers, the desks, the registers, the furniture. Anybody could have gone in there and just helped themselves to whatever," Lopez told KPHO.

After snapping a selfie of his stranger encounter, he called police to get the place locked up.

Biggest missed opportunity ever.

Two bank robbers get arrested after posting pictures of themselves with the money. Like idiots.
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Bonny and Clyde, they ain't.

A couple of very smart people bragged about their Aug. 24 Asheville, Ohio bank robbery by posting pictures on social media with the wads of cash they took from the bank tellers.

This is obviously not a smart idea.

According to Sostre News:

Police were helped in their investigation by the clear images showing John Mogan and Ashley Duboe hamming it up with their fortune in greenbacks. Four days after the robbery, they began posting photos of their loot, and one friend complained that Mogan " didn't hook a brother up."

Mogan and Duboe were arrested this week for the August 24 robbery. Police say they gave a note to the teller in the Ashville bank, and walked out with a tall stack of bills. He looks nervous on the surveillance video, but in the days after the heist, they both looked gleeful on their Facebook postings.

Apparently, Morgan had just gotten out of state prison for an earlier bank robbery. He put on make up to disguise his face and neck tattoos. But sadly, nothing could disguise his stupidity.

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This video was released by the military police of São Paulo, Brazil. Sneaky swindlers were recently caught after installing fake ATM fronts at banks.