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Funny, dark and twisted Sesame Street memes about Bert and Ernie, Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster.

15 Insanely Dark and Demented Sesame Street Memes

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You Saw This Coming of the Day

meme Sesame Street big bird election voting - 6743013632
Via Austin American-Statesman

Million Muppet March of the Day

big bird election 2012 - 6680891136
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Sexy Big Bird Costume of the Day

big bird Mitt Romney election 2012 halloween - 6662238976
Via Death+Taxes
wtf?! obama Romney big bird wtf Video categoryvideo - 43019265

WTF?! Obama Campaign Ad of the Day

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Lights Out Taiwan obama Romney big bird Video - 42865153

Lights Out

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Mitt Pissed Off An 8-Year-Old of the Day

big bird Mitt Romney PBS presidential debate - 6640068352
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