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Bill Gates

Secret Santa of the Day: Bill Gates Got This Redditor An Insane Christmas Bounty

redditor receives tons of x box nintendo nes classic zelda video game stuff from bill gates on reddit secret santa
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Bill Gates science Video g rated win - 67760897

Innovation of the Day: Bill Gates Drinks Water Extracted From Raw Sewage

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Bill Gates money Neil deGrasse Tyson Video - 61287425

Food for Thought of the Day: NdGT Gives an Idea of Just How Ridiculously Wealthy Bill Gates is With This Analogy

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Photo of the Day: The World's Richest Selfie

Bill Gates Photo pics selfie - 8174959360
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AMA Bill Gates Reddit videos - 58377473

AMA of the Day: Bill Gates Took to Reddit for an AMA

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challenge amazing Bill Gates Video g rated win - 57892865

Genius Moves of the Day: World's Best Chess Player Beats Bill Gates Badly

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Bill Gates steve jobs Video - 38889217

Epic Rap Battle of the Day

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Bill Gates & Clean Toilet Water Story of the Day

Bill Gates regular science - 6087605760
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