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A Couple Builds An Incredible Garden Catio So Their Blind Bengal Will Safely Enjoy Nature

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Skater of the Day: This Blind Skateboarder Is Amazing

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WTF of the Day: Woman Blinds Herself Because She Felt it was 'Who She was Supposed to Be'

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Justice of the Day: Bully Who Punched Blind Kid Arrested for Battery, Hero Who Stopped Him Praised

Bully who punched a blind kid gets some justice of his own from the hero that stepped in to stop him.
Via New York Daily News
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Talent of the Day: Blind Card Shark Amazes With His Impressive Skills

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Smelly Experiment of the Day: Blind Man Guesses Marker Colors By Sniffing Them

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Blind YouTuber Explains What He Thinks About Colors

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Heartwarming Tearjerker of the Day

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Via Reddit
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This Is Funny, You Should Watch It of the Day

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