los angeles polling place agree to be a part booty queens
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Among the various forms of voter suppression, this has to be one of the strangest. Matt Novak, a writer for the tech blog Gizmodo, has tweeted a picture about a special rule his polling place has: Vote here and agree to be filmed for “Booty Queens.”


via @paleofuture

Novak has followed up by stating that whatever "Booty Queens" is or whoever the titular Booty Queens are, it’s all perfectly legal, which is a relief. We don’t want the Booty Queens to be removed form power. He went on to write in a short post for Gizmodo:

“I spoke with a producer from the show who assured me that the crew has a permit to film there (at La Cienega Park) and that nothing they’re doing is illegal. She said that they weren’t really filming in the direction of the polling place, but instead were filming towards the playground. But it’s easy to see how one might be confused.” 

via Gizmodo

What is “Booty Queens?” One can only assume it’s a reality show about the matriarch of Booty Land. Honestly, I could Google it, but it’s probably not smart to do from a work computer. Frankly, I’m just as happy to take this person’s advice:

via @DeitchCSN

But if you voted at this particular Los Angeles polling place, you now might find yourself in “Booty Queens,” which, depending on what that is, might be an added benefit to voting. Who knows? Maybe someone wrote your name on the ballot and you could be America’s next “Booty Queen.”

Surprise of The Day: Hyena Tries to Eat Elephant Through Booty Hole, Things Get Crazy
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Gotta eat the booty like elephant butt?

One curious hyena got the surprise of its life after finding a dead elephant carcass and shoving its head inside the elephant's anus.

It is actually a common scenario for predators to start devouring an animal starting with the booty. But in this case, the hyena maybe should have started elsewhere.

"He got a little bit of a scare from that," says one of the scientists in the video.

Yes, yes he did. We are all scared of elephant buttholes now.