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It's happened to just about all of us. You're work computer is on the fritz. You need some help. And the IT Department is nowhere to be found.

With this leaked video, we can finally get a chance to see what the Informational Technology role is in the workplace.

For the IT Department at George Fox University, it apparently involves constructing a giant wheel out of 36 empty trapezoidal iMac boxes and then taking it for a literal spin around campus.

Actually, we can't disparage these guys and their ring leader systems administrator Mike Campadore. A write up on the university's blog made it clear that he used vacation time to build the thing and he had been planning it for a while.

Mike Campadore had an idea and 34 iMac boxes stored in the back of an engineering classroom. When the dean of the engineering school asked why he didn't recycle them and clear up the space, he merely said he was saving them for a project.

When more computers arrived in July for a new computer lab, Campadore finally had the boxes he needed to make his "iWheel." He had estimated it would take 38 boxes to create the perfect wheel, but when he taped together the two sides, he discovered the number was 36.

The blog featured some pictures of the event, which ended up spurning something of a meme-ification of the iMac Wheel.

Here's the best one to save you some trouble:

There are far worse things to do with vacation time.

Like not making a giant wheel out of iMac boxes.