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Twitter Had An Absolute Blast With #TrumpScoutBadges

Donald Trump inspired a wave of Twitter memes with his Monday night speech at the Boy Scout Jamboree. While the hashtag #TrumpScoutBadges was created that day, HuffPost Comedy took things to the next level when they included it in their Hashtag Roundup game. The badges range from creepy (Chemistry, featuring a photo of Trump and his daughter) to clever, but they're all pretty entertaining. 

Roundup of Donald Trump #TrumpScoutBadges Twitter memes.
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Behold the "perversion files," a searchable database created by the Los Angeles Times from a collection of long-confidential documents that reveal allegations of sex abuse by Boy Scouts of America employees and volunteers.

This map depicts each of the troops or units mentioned in one or more documents found among some 3,100 case summaries since 1947.

The worst part:

The review revealed many instances in which problems were not promptly recognized and abuse suspects were not held to account — and scouts were harmed as a result.
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Ryan Andresen has been a Boy Scout for 12 years. Even after coming out as gay at 16, he stayed with the Scouts.

But now he's been denied the chance to rise rank to Eagle Scout.

The Boy Scouts of America says its decision reflects its "Youth Leadership" policy statement:

In the unlikely event that an older boy were to hold himself out as homosexual, he would not be able to continue in a youth leadership position.

Andresen is in shock, especially since he thought his Scoutmaster had his back:

He had been telling me all along that we'd get by the gay thing. It was by far the biggest goal of my life. It's totally devastating.

Andresen and his mom have started an online petition to convince the Boy Scouts to change their mind. But it would need to happen quickly -- he turns 18 in three days, which means his Eagle Scout eligibility is just about up.